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    Rate this article "Building a Movie Studio from Scratch in a Game [Steam Game]"

    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 14 february 2018 20:42

    Building a Movie Studio from Scratch in a Game [Steam Game]

    Ever imagined of being a person who builds the entire empire of movie studio from the start? Well, here's the chance to experience all of that in a game where you'll be incharge of almost everything, and you have control over the things from the start. You'll have to decide and run your own movie studio from the scratch...

    This game doesn't sound pretty good to many but well to some of those people who are into the role playing genre where you're playing a character of someone who's into something pretty accurately... Let's find out more about this Showtime! game....

    Well, first of all, this game is not a free to play game where you just hit Play Game on steam and you're good and rocking, this is a paid game and costs money. So, make sure you like the game completely before purchasing the game, its pretty much better to watch some gameplays of this game [or any game before you decide to buy it], well that was my opinion especially if the price of the game is bothering...

    So, coming to the game it self, this game Showtime! has decisions to make and a lot of responsibilities to be laid upon. You are the manager of the movie studio which will be famous in no time with proper management and care. You'll have to take responsibility of everything in the Movie Studio from the Actors to the Audience buying tickets for the movie you're about to produce. Anything that goes wrong at any point in the studio or the wrong decision may lead to some drastic changes in the fame or the downfall of the well lit movie studio. 

    I gotta say, this may sound boring and funny to some of you guys, but there are people who really like such type of games where you're the star of the show and you'll have to make or choose the decisions which lead to a lot in the gameplay. With smooth and fun gameplay such games are probably lit and if without proper gameplay and tactics such games just become another random game in the Steam Store. Let's find out more about this Showtime! game from the steam...

    I must say that this game is a point and click game for most of the time and when its not, its pretty basic stuff where you wait and repeat the same... If you're pretty much into the game you'll know that I'm kidding... Anyway here is some information about this game...

    • Single Player Game
    • Has Steam Trading Cards
    • Mixed reviews on steam [due to many reasons]
    • Release date: 1st September, 2013
    • Developer: Myrtilus Entertainment
    • Publisher: KISS ltd [many might remember this guy from their famous indie games]
    • Game is mostly a movie simulation involving strategy
    • Has a Level Editor for the game on steam

    So lets talk about your job in the game, its pretty simple you just have to make movies... That's pretty much there is to this game, really... The type of movie you wanna make and the purchasing the rights of the movie involves a bit of strategy involved in this game leading to some pretty good effects on your movie studio. So, just be cautious while you're taking or deciding what you're gonna do...

    So, will this game run on my potato PC? The answer to that question is pretty obvious, you can probably run this game on pretty much anything... Just think about the gameplay before even asking yourself if the game can run on your machine or computer as this has nothing except some cinematics and some decisions to make which involve no graphics to be accurate. You'll be fine on almost any PC to have fun with this game...

    Did I mention that there are other studios that try to compete with your Movie Studio in this game, there will be like a 10 different AI studios which will constantly try to compete against your studio in many ways, and you'll find that most of the time it'll be repetitive but you'll eventually get new ones later on in the game. 
    Did I say that this game requires about 40MB of disk space to run, well this is a mere low memory game as the stuff in it is just some AI scripts and RNG stuff going on there, but it is a pretty good idea... Respect the developers everywhere, and their work is what we comment and live in while enjoying and pondering with the stuff they worked very hard for [most of the developers].

    This is not the first of its kind game as it seems from the gameplay and the whole thing going on but you'll find this game quite special until you recognize a game called 'The Movies' which is pretty much the same from another developer. You can just re-run or create the franchise in the real world and look if its going pretty well as you planned, lol, for most of the time like Star Wars movies, or the Harry Potter movie series... Well, this game is not for everyone to be honest... But for those who are into such type of games this is pretty decent but not the best yet...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article Building a Movie Studio from Scratch in a Game [Steam Game]

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    rlly nice!

    3 april 2020 23:24