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    Rate this article "Boom Beach Review"

    (4.09/5) 22 rates
    Bonhomie1520, 2 february 2019 07:58

    Boom Beach Review

    Hi guy, I hope you all fine. Today I want to show you about Boom Beach. It has nice graphics and addictive too. I knew that a lot of people know that game already.
    This game was developed by Supercell. It is a strategy game that similar to Clash of Clans. And I apologize for the picture that not in HD. My last article will get reject because thumbnail not work. I decided to write the same article but fix thumbnail. So let start this article:

    Gameplay: For the first time you enter the game you will need to complete the tutorials that show you after you login into the game. After you complete the tutorials, you need to build your own headquarter on the lane. After that when you open the world map you will meet Dr. Ham-merman's HQ (headquarter). You have to fight with other players on the map. There also have some chest for you to claim diamond and other rewards too. In the map also have point for a submarine to drive to get some reward for you. The deep of submarine drive the great reward you will get. Also, some of the points will give you some diamond or fragment to use. At your island, you can claim a reward that gets you by your resource base on the basic map. And another point of daily login you will receive a daily reward from the trader (this new update). In this game also have some hero which can help defend your HQ and attack someone's HQ. HQ can be upgraded to level 21 for mix level.

    Map: This game has two kinds of map. In each map have a different thing
    World map: The Basic map that you enter after you login into the game

    Operation map: This map will unlock after you join a force (guild in the normal game)

    Shop: Shop is a place where you can build your building and get some decoration. In shop have 4 tabs. Each building had a different effect on your island.
    Economy tab: In this tab, you can buy and resource factory (coin factory, wood.....)
    Defense tab: In this tab, you can buy defense (MG, SMG, Boom Gun....)
    Decoration tab: In this tab, you can buy decoration (Tree, statue.....)
    Support tab: In this tab, you can buy support building (Hero)

    Raid: When you raid someone's base you need to destroy their HQ before time run out. HQ is the main thing that you need to destroy. After you destroy enemy's HQ all building will explode and you will get three stars (If you can do it). You can use the flame to control your troop to move in the direction you want. Other things, when you raid someone's HQ you can use rocket from your gunboat. Use boost from gunboat you need your explode point. Some explode point

    Goal: This game has the same goal as other strategy game too. You need to update your HQ to mix level and defend your island from other people that want to attack you. Instead of that, you need to attack other players to gain gold, wood, stone, and gem too.

    Last word: This game available for Android and I-Phone user only. For PC user can get it to use android simulation (NOX, BS....) to play. And all of the article I write it my self, I'm not cheating. Once again I recommend you to play this game instant of play clash of clans. Thank for reading my article.

    Rate this article Boom Beach Review

    (4.09/5) 22 rates


    Thanks for informations. ❤️

    13 may 2020 09:15

    Cool article

    28 may 2020 07:05

    Cool rewiew

    18 october 2019 18:02

    i like this article good job

    10 october 2019 22:30

    Saw this one yesterday

    2 february 2019 12:55

    Thank you for this article

    17 may 2020 04:18

    I play this game its a good game thx for posting a review on a good game like this

    27 june 2019 11:52

    This game is as old as my sister...
    Golden age of mobile games!

    1 august 2019 12:59

    love the article man

    24 april 2020 13:36

    I'd say you should put more text in between the pictures as right now it looks as the article is mainly pictures only. It's quite short but gives you a brief understanding of the game.

    21 may 2019 18:19