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    (4.33/5) 36 rates
    s1na, 14 june 2017 20:56

    Best mobile games (iOS and Android)

    A short guide to the some of the best games for mobiles phones (both iOS and Android)

    Gradn Theft Auto: San Andreas
    You must have heard of this iconic game, well it's also available for you smartphone. Everything stays the same when compared to the PC version, however graphics (improved) and some minor in-game options are changed. This game brought me back to me childhood and I really had a lot of fun on it. The controls are a bit tricky but you'll master them in a matter of minutes. The downsides are that it's not free (it costs around 7$) and there are no cheats (you simply cant enter them).

    100 Balls
    The main goal of this game is to toss as many balls in to a bin as quickly as you can. It becomes harder as you progress trough the game.  It's a fun game for when you're bored and it doesn't require an Internet connection. This game is also free and there are many versions of this game for you to choose.

    Deer Hunter 2017
    DH 2017 is a very interesting game about hunting. There are many mission and areas (rain forest, desert, savanna...). You can also upgrade your weapons so you can shoot better and kill more animals. There are also many specials tasks you can complete. This game is free but it requires an Internet connection if you want to play it.

    This game firstly appeared as a flash game on the Internet available for Desktops and laptops. It soon became very popular and got on Mobile stores. The main goal of Slither.io is to eat other snakes. It's a really fun and interesting game and you'll definately get addicted to it. It's free and you can play versus bots or versus real people.

    Score! Hero
    This is a game about football. It's a TPS and you have to get the ball to the opponent's goal. However, it's not that easy. You have to try many different tactics. You can pass, shoot and just kick the ball. Skill and understanding of football are really required for this game. It's a free game that doesn't require Internet connection in order to be played!

    Rate this article Best mobile games (iOS and Android)

    (4.33/5) 36 rates


    score hero is very cool

    3 december 2019 07:39

    good gameee

    1 august 2020 20:29

    these are fantastic games to be honest!

    27 march 2020 09:22

    Жаль не играла в эти игры...

    7 august 2020 09:28

    where flappy bird

    22 january 2020 11:11

    i playing this game today

    25 october 2019 10:27

    you did a good job and it was a nice article. thank you keep it up.

    11 october 2020 06:23

    Great article. Keep it up.

    1 september 2020 05:15

    selamın aleyküm

    5 june 2020 17:42

    So many games! But i will choose League of Legend: Wild Rift.

    10 august 2020 08:32