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    (4.67/5) 15 rates
    Jugansb, 9 january 2019 14:45

    Article - Katamari Damacy Reroll

    None of us believed that the game series would live and thrive 14 years later, however. Not even in our wildest fantasies. But then it is. To a very high degree. It has released a series of sequels to Takahashi's color-sparking original and in this case it is about an inflated version of the 2004 game, now converted to the Nintendo Switch.

    The set-up is super-smooth and still as entertaining and for you as slumbering sweet under the big rock the last 14 years, here is a very short and nonsense-packed summary of what this game series is about. You shoulder the role of a light green, cosmic prince (with a very elongated and strange head) who, on behalf of his father, the galaxy king himself, bombed down to earth to collect gadgets. Everything is about rolling a Katamari (a kind of scrapball) using the analog packs and the challenge lies in getting the ball to grow as fast as possible. Every time you roll up bigger things than you already own it grows and you can continue by rolling up even bigger gadgets. It is as simple as it is ingenious and in the same way as Pac-Man or why not Tetris - it is the banal simplicity of this that makes it so incredibly rewarding.

    This game is in some ways a little like a very enjoyable fever dream stuffed with so much Japanese bizarro element that it often does not go beyond gaping. Just such a thing as having rolled up a whole bunch of sunbathing, half-naked men on a beach that has been in my ball and looked generally dissatisfied, makes me want to love this game more than I know I should. The tracks are just as in the original game just flat sheets filled with all kinds of gadgets and design-wise it is more aesthetically remarkable than gamedesign-fantastic. Simplicity, again, is what makes this so addictive. Because if you managed to fold an original game concept with a really different basic mechanics in today's game climate, then it is not super-tough to stand out from the crowd considering how uniform and streamlined many of today's great games really are.

    There are not many real news here except that it can be played using the motion controls in the Switch box. This of course works just as it sounds, that the prince of the cosmos rolls his sparkling scrap ball in the direction you lean your Switch and although I prefer to play Katamari Damacy with two traditional analog levers, it is only with the ability to be able to shift.

    Katamari Damacy is still a simple game where the challenge is simply the thrill of younger players, too. To roll their ball really big and in this way make it through the adventure without much concern is not a real achievement that should be praised / celebrated, but it is also where a small part of the charm lies. This old original has in recent weeks given me a welcome breathing break from hysterical firefighting in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and superserious horse battles in Red Dead Redemption 2) so as not to talk about the miserable death alike God of War filled to the brim of ) And for that, I want to thank Bandai Namco.


    Rate this article Article - Katamari Damacy Reroll

    (4.67/5) 15 rates


    would be better with a catchphrase

    24 january 2019 17:06

    Good article about a boring game.

    13 january 2019 14:20

    Not bad.

    11 january 2019 09:41

    very good article

    6 january 2022 19:19

    Impressive work. Keep it up!

    9 january 2019 14:54

    Nice work

    17 january 2019 15:05

    I think i wanna try it

    3 april 2019 10:26

    Mario good nice

    14 april 2019 08:50

    Nice one

    17 november 2019 15:11