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    (4.22/5) 9 rates
    flaaaruz, 14 april 2018 14:06

    Armored Warfare : the Best tank games !

    Armored Warfare is a PC action game in which the player fights using a wide range of tanks. In various environments, he can play with his friends, or participate in online battles on a much larger scale.

    This game is fabulous, it is in the lineage of free games like World Of Tank and War Thunder. Armored warfare has 3 game modes: multi random mode, party creation mode and cooperative mission mode. You also have the opportunity to build and upgrade your base. Not enough ads for me for this game. This game is really to try.

    Graphics and Soundscape of Armored Warfare :

    One of the first things that strikes you when you start playing Armored Warfare, a game for which you will not have to spend a single penny *, is the beauty of its graphics! (* We must remember that those who want to have more, we are in a free to play so yes, there are then micro transactions, and it is not mandatory!).

    Indeed, on this point, it can very well compete with the famous World of Tanks. This is not surprising when you know that Armored Warfare uses the CryENGINE graphics engine (different versions have been used for great games such as Crysis and Far Cry for example). As a result, players are confronted with breathtaking scenery and remarkable realism.

    The Choice of tanks and weapons :

    The essence of the game is based on the type of tank that is chosen to apply a collective strategy on the battlefield. At the beginning of the game, we only have two vehicles, all the others will be unlocked as you progress through the different parts. To help you in the choice of your armored, rather well done descriptions that allow navigation rather easy in the interface, even for beginners.


    The game is based on a reseller system, through which one accesses a tree of tanks. The principle is that you increase the bar of experience of each tank that you possess in order to be able to unblock the others as and when. We will come back to this when we discuss the different game modes.

    At the level of tanks, there is something for everyone. Armored Warfare has as many WWII tanks, as in World of Tanks, as modern tanks, given that the context of the game is more or less in our present day. Heavy tanks, reconnaissance tanks, support machines ... you will necessarily find what suits you best. In addition, regular updates of the game can enrich the tree of tanks, so you will have more and more choices for your vehicles. When you have earned credits at the end of your games, you can also customize your tanks with all kinds of modules designed to improve their performance: vehicle engine, type of ammunition, barrel stabilizer ... You can also bring supplies such as repair kits for example, which will serve you during your game. Finally, a tank does not behave itself. Of course, the player is in control but to push the realism of the game to the end, Armored Warfare incorporates a crew in each vehicle. It's up to you to build it as you please, knowing that you can not exceed five people. Each member of this crew also gains experience throughout the games, which will give you interesting bonuses for the future.

    Rate this article Armored Warfare : the Best tank games !

    (4.22/5) 9 rates


    i give you 4 stars for that article

    27 january 2021 20:31