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    noobda, 20 march 2018 22:04

    An Indie Game for Recovering Documents - Pink Hour [Steam]

    Ok, this is a free to play game on Steam where you'll just find the missing documents while playing a 2D platformer game. Well, Pink Hour is an Indie game which is quite cute and adorable because of its character which leads us to the whole story. There is this secretary who finds documents for her boss, and we will be playing as her and help her find the documents while defeating enemies and fighting them for the recovery of those documents. Sounds interesting, right? Well, lets find out more...

    Pink Hour:
    Pink Hour is an Indie 2D platform game where you'll be finding documents for the boss while you'll be combating a whole lot of enemies in doing so. And at times there is this promotion going on in this game where you'll be requested to play Kero Blaster game which is a paid game from the same developer but well it only requests you to try out that game while you are on the steam store page of this partucular Pink Hour game. And this Pink Hour game is a free to play game and you'll have nothing to do except thinking to install this game, and you're good to rock. This game is even low memory and storage game, while having a pretty good pace of being a pretty decent game [which it is] but this is one of the smallest games on steam as of now, it'll take around 20MB of your hard drive storage for all the game files. Such games are becoming very low on number these days which is because everyone is after that Battle Royale on every game they think is multi Player and to satisfy such players all developers are trying to indulge in making a working and fun filled Battle Royale mode in their games which will make their game look fabulous for most of the time...

    Well, the above image shows how the gameplay looks like and you'll can be assured that the character is definitely cute and adorable to play with, you'll eventually fall in love with this character and start playing with this character for quite some times until you get all the required documents in the game. Well, its quite fun to play Indie game especially when you are bored as this game has the pace to time pass and get some decent experience of gaming relief.

    Lets go through some information about this game Pink Hour from the steam page:

    • Single Player Game
    • Has Full controller support [well, you can obviously use any xbox gamepad which works flawlessly or you can also use any gamepad with xinput or dinput depending accordingly]
    • Release Date: 28th October, 2015
    • Developer: Studio Pixel
    • Publisher: AGM Playism
    • This game is a free to play game with no Downloadable content or any pay to win missions which will eventually lead to the downfall of the game at some point [if there are any], and this game doesn't have any
    • For some reason this game is only available in English and Japanese along with subtitles.... and no other languages available
    • If you play this game casually you'll be able to complete this game in under 1 hour and still be able to replay some as the character is cute and fun
    • The Pixel graphics in this game are quite fun and fantastic instead of just being pixelated and grainy

    So, here's how the character looks like:

    Ok, so this game features pixel graphics, well then the least good thing is that we can run this game on almost all potato gaming machines but there will always be some limitations but not for the best optimized games which can probably run on almost anything and yet are playable smoothly. Lets find out the minimum system requirements for this game Pink Hour,

    > You must have a Dual Core Processor or above
    > 1 Gigs of RAM is necessary to play this game
    > 256 MB of graphics memory which is either dedicated or integrated one like the Intel HD graphics
    > The game needs Directx version 9 to be pretty smooth as this is quite an old game as of now for not using the latest directx version 11 drivers
    > The game occupies a mere 20MB of hard drive storage where you'll be storing all your game files

    This game is quite fun and cute to be played in a single hour, you'll definitely like that way the character is designed even though the graphics featured in here are pixel graphics and yet the character looks pretty adorable and fun while playing, you'll notice it'll be more fun when you play this game over and over again for quite some time and then after you get bored of this game as you have played this game for quite a while you'll be shifting to another Indie Game in not time. But this game has everything done right to make you last as intact as possible with the game, and its a free to play game on the steam store.....

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An Indie Game for Recovering Documents - Pink Hour [Steam]

    (5/5) 5 rates


    a very good 2D Indie game

    9 november 2019 11:46

    So Good it Aswesome :D

    24 march 2020 10:26

    yes I know

    13 march 2020 17:12