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    Rate this article "An Indie First Person Shooter game - Head Shot [Steam]"

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 14 february 2018 21:10

    An Indie First Person Shooter game - Head Shot [Steam]

    Head shot is a pretty well looking indie shooter game which looks like a FPS game in many aspects and even in its multi player perspective but it lacks many things which are required for a FPS [first person shooter] game to be pretty much awesome and addictive...

    Lets find out more about Head Shot...

    Head Shot:
    Its an indie game on steam which is not a free to play game and on the other hand not that much anticipated either. But you'll notice that the concept of this game is pretty decent and deserves some respect about the whole thing up right... This is a multi player game too, but the fact that there are around some concurrent players playing this game is either for some fun or just for the sake of run time... But lets check out some information from steam about this game...

    The interface looks familiar, well that's how most of the FPS games look like with all the most famous weapons and guns seen in most popular games worldwide can be found in this game with exact same name and look most of them to be nearly precise. You'll find that there are even loot boxes, well just boxes I may have to say but looks like these indie games are going to have the same thing and experience as their counter parts.

    • Multi Player Game
    • Mixed reviews on Steam
    • Release Date: 3rd June, 2016
    • Developer: Indie Game Group
    • Pubisher: Indie Game Group
    • The game is in Early Access
    • Has some steam achievements [if you're actually into it]
    • Has steam trading cards
    • Has Steam Statistics to some extent

    This game features 5 classes to play with while you're playing multiplayer... Well here they are:
    > Assault
    > Sniper
    > Engineer
    > Medic
    > Machine Gunner

    Does the above list sound familiar, well its the most common thing most of the shooter games have in common, well most of the classes are based on the above 5 categories only. So, each of the team mate has to choose pretty wisely in order to play their own characters or the role they choose to play... We don't want to see a Medic trying to get frags while the Machine Gunner takes cover all the time for crying out loud. And these days everybody wants to play and live off the edge and we see many people playing and wanting to play the Assault and Sniper class all the time or when ever they have or get a chance to... Well, if you're good at it, then probably you have to but if you're on a team on a serious note then you're gonna have to follow your team and keep  a note on that before hunting for frags...

    That was quite uncertain about this game and includes stuff how to play paladins and TF2 more effectively... This game Headshot doesn't have pretty much smooth gameplay in terms of addictiveness to be frank, but in case you're wondering then you'll find this not that much fun than anything else in the Steam Library. Its up to personal preference...

    The Zombie mode in this game is the best thing that has ever kept the game blooming here around. But that mode is freely selectable, or atleast I hope it will be in the near future but don't expect too much here though. Pretty decent game which is indie and has the aesthetics of an First Person Shooter game along with potato computer friendly... Yes, this game requires 1GB of hard disk space, just being approximate though... And this will run on almost all computers with 64-bit CPU and on integrated graphics cards in case you're wondering...

    So, this game is a pretty decent idea on how a shooter game can be an Indie game but also how much better it can be, I'm not criticizing but it can honestly be way more better than it is right now, but commenting on an Early access game is not good, so all we can do is wait until it releases completely and hope for its better gameplay and performance so that we can enjoy a FPS game in Indie mode along with our friends online...
    If you're thinking of giving this game a try, I'd suggest you to watch and check out the various reviews which are legit about this game instead of going with the flow...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article An Indie First Person Shooter game - Head Shot [Steam]

    (4.67/5) 3 ratings


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