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    Rate this article "Aion - guide"

    (4.38/5) 129 rates
    Misty, 20 november 2019 17:00

    Aion - guide

    Aion is a unique game that offers players great opportunities. However, to make it fun, it's worth learning some tricks that will help you implement and make the gameplay even more interesting!

    The Basics

    Once you download the game and create an account, it's time to log in to the customer. You must decide which server you want to play on. Then it's time to choose the breed we'll be. Then follows the choice of character class, as well as the gender. Here you also determine what our main hero would look like. The wizard is convenient and quite interestingly extended. Let me give you a hint - you should opt for a short height hero. This character works great in PvP, it's hard to see him on the battlefield.


    The main character has the ability to learn new skills every few levels. At first, the skills are not very impressive. From level 10, you can be promoted to your own specialization and then your spell resource increases. New attacks are acquired from Kinah trainers in the form of books. Those are a source of knowledge on how to perform a blow or allow you to increase its level. It doesn't make sense to always buy all the skills. Keep in mind that some of them are only associated with the primary class and will not be useful in our profession. Thus, this expense is completely unnecessary. It is worth checking before buying if we are using a given capacity at all.


    The battle control system in Aion is not difficult. It is based on the opponent's PPM or LPM selection, or TAB. The latter works intuitively and marks the closest enemy. Then you need to make a blow, and also use the abilities that can be picked up from the quick ability bar or by using the numeric shortcut. You can still click the spell with the mouse. In Aion, we have combined blows. These combinations consume a lot of player resources, but usually pay off. The last attack usually has an additional effect, e.g. stunning one, or just deals additional damage. The tab with abilities has a special place for combined blows, i.e. Chain skills. It is worth to know them. Knowing what attacks and when we can launch them will definitely bring us closer to victory. Automatic attacks have the weakest power, but their advantage is that they do not require energy consumption.


    The world of Aion is huge, traversing it on foot seems impossible. To facilitate the transport process, a Return time was created, which consists of teleportation. Air transport is possible within one land. This is not something we will get from above, you must first go to one of the locations that allows you to unlock the possibility of flight. Air transport works well when moving from village to village. Teleporters, on the other hand, allow you to travel huge distances quickly.


    Each character class may use a predefined type of armor. Therefore, the value of defense points against attacks depends on the specialization. There is a possibility of wearing attack blocking shields. The game has one more system that affects the defense factor. It's about the way you move during a fight. When you stand still and exchange blows with your opponent, the values ​​are standard. First of all, dynamics require battles with other players. There are many dependencies that are worth knowing, for example, when we run forward, the damage inflicted is greater, while the defense is weakened. The situation is similar when we go back. Defense gains and the blows are weakened. Each beat of an opponent helps you gain experience points. We can also count on receiving money or some interesting item that the enemy may have with them.

    Rate this article Aion - guide

    (4.38/5) 129 rates

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    Are you an angel? Or maybe a devil? Discover that in AION! Pick from one of the conflicted sides: Asmodian and Elyos, perpetually fighting with each other, or the cruelly evil Balaurs! Make progress as your character by eight different ways, at your own discretion and enjoy the beautiful, open world of Aion. Stunning graphics, w...


    Great game. I like the graphics,. Almost 3d. Very invloving article.

    17 january 2020 09:06

    i dont this game too but seems its ruvival game

    17 march 2020 07:41

    So... you have youtube so you can search for video in there.

    9 march 2020 20:42

    i love this one

    17 february 2020 08:33

    Great game. I like the graphics,. Almost 3d. Very invloving article.

    23 november 2020 12:15

    so interesting , in samsing find whith Rust

    22 september 2021 06:11

    this is amazing, thanks for the guide

    16 january 2020 21:53