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    Rate this article "A turn based strategy from the devs of FTL - Into the Breach [Steam]"

    (5/5) 4 ratings
    noobda, 28 february 2018 19:54

    A turn based strategy from the devs of FTL - Into the Breach [Steam]

    From the developers of the game FTL: Faster Than Light, comes a nice game based on strategy and movement of the objects which is quite similar to chess but not much more than it. Its called 'Into the Breach' which is quite new game on steam, as it released yesterday only. This is not a review, I'll just be going over the main points of the game. This game was on many players watchlist due to the interest in this particular game... 

    Lets find out more about Into the Breach

    Into the Breach:
    This game is developed by the same guy who made FTL game, which actually is Faster Than Light, nice game which was a rougelike game and earned its fame from there. It had 10/10 on steam due to its intense gameplay. Here comes another game from the developers of that FTL game, its named Into the Breach, where you'll have control over a lot of powerful instruments and mechanisms to defeat an alien creature involving many challenges and requires a lot of strategy in the game.

    Lets go through some basic information about this game from steam... 

    • Single player game
    • Very positive reviews on steam
    • Release date: 27th February, 2018
    • Developer: Subset Games
    • Publisher: Subset Games
    • Indie strategy game based on Mechs
    • Has Steam Achievements [A total of 55 steam achievements]
    • Has steam trading cards
    • Has steam cloud saves
    • Actually the game released its full version on Feb 27th of this month, yet there was an Early Access before that

    In case you're wondering how the game looks like, here the above image shows the exact perception of how the gameplay looks and feels like. And this game isn't a free to play game, this game might not interest many due to its genre mostly. After you decide that you're intersted in such type of games you'll eventually watch out for some gameplay videos of such type of game and then you'll think of getting such type of indie games....

    So, the game is an Indie game, well so will it run on my PC.. Here we are going through the minimum system requirements of this game in particular...

    > Requires 1.7GHz processor or above
    > 1GB of RAM is sufficient for the game to run but always be safe while using chrome...
    > Runs on Intel HD Graphics, yes you read that right, this game runs on potato graphics as well, integrated graphics work fine
    > Game is around 300 MB

    So, what's more about this game you might ask... well this game just released its first release on steam for Windows and there will probably be many more update on the line to make this game more stable and to add more fetaures into the game to make it feel better and more fun fulled with strategy. This game is for those who like strategy games involving many things with messing mechanics, and you must be aware of all the mechanics of the things in the game so as to get a hold on this game. It may be said that this game is 'Easy to play and Hard to master' category....
    This game is also tagged as Tactical role playing game....

    Here are some reviews of this game from the internet...
    > Steam: 9/10
    > GOG: 4.7/5
    > Metro Game central: 9/10
    > metacritic: 93%

    This game just released so we can get to a final conclusion, at least not so fast as the developers might be trying hard to fix some issue if there are any, but so far the game feels good with all the mechs and smooth without any sluttering. Such game require no high end hardware to play the game instead require some presence of mind and some tactical strategy to play and excel in the game, Into the Breach... Pretty good game so far...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A turn based strategy from the devs of FTL - Into the Breach [Steam]

    (5/5) 4 ratings


    Great Article!!

    14 june 2020 22:25

    Nice first comment here ..no clue how to write article

    6 march 2018 00:04