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    Rate this article "A 'The Expendables' like action game - The Expendabros [Steam]"

    (5/5) 7 rates
    noobda, 20 march 2018 18:32

    A 'The Expendables' like action game - The Expendabros [Steam]

    A game which resembles the movie 'The Expendables' which is one of the most action packed movie from 2010 and still has some following. Either way we are here for the game The Expendabros, which has seven legend type soldiers who resemble the movie characters if you watched the movie at least once, anyway, they all seem to fight in an action packed arena with pixel graphics. The main thing about this game is that this game is actually multi player game with split screen support and its a free game on steam... Lets find out more....

    The Expendabros:
    This game is a pretty decent game where you'll be playing as one of the seven legendary guys who turn out to be soldiers in this game and they have unique abilities to some extent and the rest is almost same for everyone. You'll have to decide who to choose and then the actual packed game starts. Actually this game is taken after the movie The Expendables 3 which is quite a cross over and a mix from the developers of the game BroForce, either way the game feels pretty solid and amazing.

    The above image shows how the gameplay looks like and there is a lot more to it, while the game has pixel graphics you can actually run this game on almost anything, and if you're eager to try out this game for yourself then its not a problem at all as this game is not a paid game which means you can straight away download this game and try out this master piece for yourself. Lets go through some information from steam page of this awesome game....

    • Single Player
    • Multi Player but is quite limited
    • Has Split screen support
    • Has full controller support which means you can try out playing with any xbox gamepad or any other gamepad with xinput
    • Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on steam and everywhere
    • Release Date: 5th August, 2014
    • Developer: Free Lives
    • Publisher: Devolver Digital
    • A free to play game with no micro transactions at all
    • Actually this game is not even free-to-play game, its completely free game
    • One of the smallest games on steam store which is quite as famous, this game is around 150MB

    You can see from the above image the strategy and style of the gameplay of this game, and did I mention that this game is actually available for both windows and MAC OS on the steam store, well it is. So, after watching its pixel graphics, lets go through some minimum system requirements of this game as stated on the steam page....

    You might not need any super computer to play this game, instead you can run this game on almost potato computer while having an integrated graphics card like the mighty Intel HD graphics... Lets find out,
    > Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or a better one
    > At least 2GB of RAM
    > OpenGL 3.0 compatible video card, well you can always try out with your shiny Intel HD graphics if you're not having a dedicated Nvidia or AMD
    > The game occupies around 150 MB of storage on hard drive
    > Having a gamepad probably makes the game easier but I'll leave that to personal preference for obvious reasons

    The game is as the reviews and ratings depict, absolutely amazing. The movie is just some part the gameplay is absolutely fantastic, while you're enjoying the pixel graphics combat you might notice how much the game is stabe and smooth, its quite a thing that makes more people play this game. Absolute fun game to play on steam store, and its absolutely free...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A 'The Expendables' like action game - The Expendabros [Steam]

    (5/5) 7 rates


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