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    (4/5) 13 rates
    Jakehornet, 29 july 2017 06:23

    A Rimworld Review

    Rimworld, a colony survival/management game, shoves you on a foreign planet with a few guns, some materials, and some survivors and leaves you to face bandits, nature, human needs, and much, much more.

    Rimworld is a game that might remind one of games such as Prison Architect, Dwarf Fortress, or Towns. It is developed by Ludeon Studios, an independent game developer from Montreal. It is a colony survival/management game where you control survivors who have just crash landed on a unknown planet and must survive the harsh wilderness and the bandit attacks that constantly threaten your colony. This game is not an easy one with hunger, thirst, and mental health becoming things that can single handedly destroy an entire colony in little to no time. Even the smallest cut can become infected and kill your strongest man if not treated. This game is a brutal one which can be its downfall yet at the same time its greatest feature. You might be wondering, "What is the difference between Rimworld and Prison Architect". Not only is this a game of building a colony, but you must manage your survivors, guide them in combat (partially), and manage their needs, jobs, and health. This game does include quite a bit of micromanaging, but that is expected in a game such as this. Another great feature of this game is the exploring and trading with other colonies. This game features many other colonies, bandit camps, and caves. Some caves can have mechanical creatures ready to kill you at a moments notice. There is also caravans which can be used to move to new locations such as land for new colonies, other colonies, and even to a victory option. This game does have some downfalls in some decently significant way. One is the games difficulty can be stupidly hard, even to the point where you might want to quit the game and not come back for a couple hours. The smallest wound can kill anyone is treated incorrectly, hunger is problematic if handled inefficiently, and a fire can take down your entire base and its inhabitants. Another downfall is the timespan between updates. The game is updated approximately every month. While updates are big usually but sometimes all you get are hotfixes which don't really add much to do, but with steam workshop content, new content is always available. This game is honestly one of my favorite colony survival/management games of all time regardless of the difficulty and lack of updates. I would definitely recommend it if you have any interest but if you are not particularly interested I would not recommend wasting the money because it is hard, complicated (at times), and requires a good amount of micromanagement. If I were taking all factors into account I would rate the game a solid 7/10 because it is fun, interesting, and makes you want to keep going after success, but you want to quit after failure, and with updates far and apart it can slow the fun during the end game.

    Rate this article A Rimworld Review

    (4/5) 13 rates


    its a very good article for everyone

    11 january 2021 05:50

    It as a pretty good review but where are the pictures. They have to be in every review.

    9 january 2020 12:43

    As i like survival games i'll certainly give it a try thanks for sharing.

    17 may 2021 11:44

    Nice review!

    14 august 2017 19:37

    Needs a little more depth to it, hopefully they'll keep updating

    13 august 2017 05:36

    wow this is game good

    2 november 2020 15:27

    nice article

    16 july 2019 16:59

    konichwa suka blat

    22 november 2019 17:59

    It is very strategic and the survival aspect is great.

    16 august 2018 03:50

    Why is the article with no gaps ? Where is the picture ?

    1 september 2020 01:00