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    (5/5) 3 ratings
    noobda, 12 march 2018 22:12

    A Real Time Strategy Game with competitive mode - Tooth and Tail

    A RTS game where the main characters are boars, skunks and owls... while the main game revolves around real-time strategy and you'll have to act accordingly in the game. This game has an appealing feature that very less games at this time bother about, and that's the option for replays... Yep, the ability to replay your best plays or worst plays are the only way for some one to improve their gameplay, and that feature is available in this game...

    Lets find out more about this game...

    Tooth and Tail:
    This game is a Real Time Strategy game where you're given with the main protagonists like the boars, skunks and owls but you'll have to play this game with strategy regardless of the characters given to you in the game. This game has the option of competitive mode and online multi player mode where you can play with your friend using the split screen option and carry on the game as if it was a co-op mode against many players. Actually this is a game where you'll be battling for food, which is the main motto of the game, and the name might be derived from the characters itself, like the skunk's tooth and the boar has a tail, which suggests the title tooth and tail.

    Don't expect much better gameplay experience than the above image as the gameplay feels like the one from DOTA but here you'll be battling for food. This is a RTS game, so the preference of gamers might vary depending the content of the game and personal choice. The plus point in this game is that you can actually use a controller for this game instead of a mouse and keyboard while many such games won't have such controller support at all. Lets go through some information about this game Tooth and Tail from steam's page:

    • Single Player mode
    • Multi player mode
    • Online multiplayer
    • Split screen support to play multi player
    • Shared or split screen support for LAN and multi player
    • Local Multi player support
    • Has Steam achievements [has a total of 38 achievements]
    • Very positive reviews on steam
    • Release Date: 12th September, 2017
    • Developer: Pocketwatch Games
    • Publisher: Pocketwatch Games
    • Has Full controller support
    • Has Steam leader boards
    • Has Steam Trading Cards [here you'll only get half of the cards as drops by playing the game and the rest of the cards must be aquired by buying them from the market or by trading your other cards/items with other players]
    • Main Story and side missions can be completed in 5hrs and 4hrs respectively in case you're wondering

    The above image shows the different characters in the game where they fight for food strategically, actually you have to plan and battle strategically to avoid repetitive decisions which might be predictiable as this game is an online strategy game. This game is not a free to play game like the DOTA2, its a paid game and I think the price is quite uneven as of now, but you can try grabbing this game when some sorta sale starts.

    So, from the above gameplay you might notice a lot of the features of the game and what the game has to offer... But I suggest you to watch some gameplay videos before you make the decision of buying this Tooth and Tail game on steam as its not that cheap of a game to buy. Does this game run on medium end computers, well the answer is pretty simple, the game features basic pixel graphics at times and the rest are just like the potato graphics, so you might run the game absolutely fine on almost all machines. Either way lets check that too...

    You'll be requiring the following:
    > 2GHz processor or any Dual Core or above SoC
    > 2GB of RAM is necessary
    > The game runs pretty decent on Integrated graphics, Intel HD graphics are pretty good enough for this game
    > The game occupies around 2Gigs of hard drive storage

    This game Tooth and Tail is the same good old RTS type of game but with some creative thought in it, the main reason here is that the characters here fight here for food and the rest is just real time strategy where you'll have to do all the thing. The game feels pretty neat and clean as far as the multi player competitive mode is concerned while the game is available for Windows, Linux, MAC and PlayStation4 as well, its quite possible to be a cross platformer too...

    Steam: 9/10
    GoG: 3.9/5
    Metacritic: 80%

    The only thing that can be improved might be the graphics, well that too not necessary but with better graphics the game will definitely look even more compelling instead of the depth the game as of now has. And the controls in this game are pretty simple probably the simplest controls a RTS game can have...

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article A Real Time Strategy Game with competitive mode - Tooth and Tail

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    cool looking game

    13 march 2018 20:26

    nice article. .

    3 november 2019 08:13

    very nice game

    14 march 2018 23:08