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    MatCoder, 19 september 2022 22:26

    7 Tips and tricks - Guide to Rocket League

    Rocket League has been a sensation since its launch. The game went free to play a while back, which easily makes it essential to have in everyone’s library. It’s easy to play with friends locally or online, and should therefore be a go-to for multiplayer sessions with friends close by and far away. 

    If you haven’t gotten started with Rocket League then you’re one of a dwindling few. Most people have had the chance to play the soccer-with-rocket-powered-cars game extensively already, so if you’re a newbie you will need some essential tips to keep up with the competition. In this guide, I’ll be sharing 7 tips and tricks, which can help you become a better player.

    1. Positioning is everything

    What about relation to the ball? When you first start playing you might feel like you always need to be up close to the ball and attempt to get a hit in, but much like in real soccer, this isn’t the best strategy. 

    When the ball gets hit, it will go flying. You should focus on being the player in the best position to rebound that ball straight into the goal. Sometimes you will need to be an attacker, get upfront and push that ball forward, but it shouldn’t be your sole focus.

    2. Spend and save boost

    Your boost is very important. It helps you go fast, which is very useful, but it can save the game in certain situations, like boosting towards your goal to make a save, or scoring a goal yourself, the speed can save you. But that's not the only use your boost has... 


     3. Float and flight

    Your cars can jump, rotate in the air and can even boost while in the air. Aim your car’s boosters towards the ground, and can push yourself into the air like a rocket ship. Yes, Rocket League has aerial gameplay. 

    Mastering flight in Rocket League is a matter of practice – just keep playing games and keep attempting to fly. Eventually, you’ll feel comfortable with it. One good way to practice is floating in front of your goal, tapping the boost button in a set rhythm, ready to save.

    4. Ball cam

    Tapping just one button in Rocket League can centre your camera on the ball, allowing you to accurately follow it at all times. If you’re just starting, using the ball cam is the best way to play, easily, as you can stay aware of what is happening at all times. 

    Staying on the ball isn’t very easy without the ball cam, in which case a small white arrow simply points towards the ball. As you get used to the game you may wish to swap between the two during play depending on what you want to do, but as a new player, stick with the ball cam for a while. 

    5. Flip for speed

    When rocketing across the pitch, you can reach top speed much faster – and without using your boost – by performing a tactical flip. Power straight ahead, hold forward, and then jump, and perform a double jump. With the right timing, you’ll flip forward into the air, propelling your speed even higher and then land with your wheels on the ground, still shooting along at the same high speed.

    6. Handbrake turns

    The handbrake is very useful for quick, tactical turns. You can fake out enemy drivers, or reposition for a quick pass very easily. It’s tempting to just slam the ball against the wall, or shoot straight for the goal, speeding around the pitch in circles – but the fact is, tight movement will win most games. This is the kind of subtle control tweak that will make you a better player quickly. 

    7. Get a team

    Playing 1v1, against bots and with random teams online is one way to improve, but if you want to feel good about racking up wins, you’ll be in a better position if you have a team before you go online. Rocket League is free to play and crossplay, meaning you can pressure your friends to play with you regardless of what platform they’re playing on. Train them up with these tips and you’ll soon be winning matches against others online.

    This is the end of my article. Thank you for reading it!
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    Rate this article 7 Tips and tricks - Guide to Rocket League

    (4.22/5) 115 rates


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    I'm so bad at aerial in Rocket League haha

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    Very good article, maybe I'll be good at Rocket League :D

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