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    (4.6/5) 10 rates
    Merisor, 23 may 2018 19:18

    7 Days to die

     I will talk about my review on playing this game (200h) , some informations about the game , zombies , is the game worth it?

    Review: I played this game for over 200h and i still can say i am not bored , the game is very funny and challenging for the survival games lovers. The game is very interesting , being on of the best survival games comes with an interesting mechanics of building and environment. You can even add mods for a more interesting experience. The game is not to be played alone even if you like survival games like me , you should find a friend to play with on servers or coop , because in my opinion this game is pretty hard alone.The game keeps updating and improving so i will give a 9/10.


    The game was launched on December 13, 2013 and at this momment the game costs 23$.
    System Requirements(Recommended):
    OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
    Processor: 2.4 Ghz Dual Core Cpu.
    Memory: 6 GB RAM.
    Graphics: 1 GB Dedicated Memory.
    Direct X: Version 10.
    Network: Broadband internet connection.
    Hard Drive: 4 GB available space.
    Sound Card: Direct X compatible.

    The game takes place in a apocalyptic world where only way to survive is farming , hunting or looting form cities or villages guarded by zombies who lived there. This world beeing the consequence of nuclear fallout. When you start the game you spawn in a random location. The game includes wildlife that can be hunted for food (deers/bears/pigs) or will hunt the player(bears, vulture). The zombies beeing the biggest problem for you , as the game says you have 7 days to die , that means evrey 7 days a hord of zombies will atack you and your base , ofcorse you can select how loing a ingame day last and same for the night. The game has a day/night cycle for the zombies (can be turn off) when is day they are moving very slow , but in the night they can run as fast as you do.
    Let's talk about the crafting, the game use a preatty basic way to craft , if you have the items you need to craft something you only need to click on the item and press craft. The game use a level/skill system , some skills can be upgraded by using points you made evrey level up (perks)  or crafting items of that type of skill. ex: For Tool crafting skill just craft tools. There are many skills like The Camel which helps you carry more items. Skills photo:

    As you can see in the photo the games uses a quality system , more quality means more dmg to enemys or blocks and more durability. Now let's talk a little about the food , well how much food is in 7days you ask? The are 22  food items you can eat , not all of them so good for you ( rotten flesh , Old Sam Sandwich, etc)  + 16 cans (all of them good) and 11 drinks.

    Let's talk about zombies , how many are they , how many types , will they stop?.
    Zombies , beeing a survival game based on zombies they are infintie ofcorse you can se from world setting how many will spawn close to you and how many will spawn evrey night. There are 30 types of zombies(without the zombie animals like bear , vulture , bee):

    Bloated Walker- is evreywhere , not very hard to kill
    Burn Victim- only in burned forests
    Businessman Zombie-mosty in cities
    Crawler Zombie-evreywhere , more slower than the others
    Departed Woman-evreywhere 
    Fallen Soldier Zombie-Army Camps or Army Barracks , drops Firearms and military gear
    Feral Wight-Very hard to kill , very rare

    There are many more but i don't wanna spoil the game ,  so , time to answer the last qustion of this article , is the game worth it?
    Well the game is very fun , very intresting , even more better if you play with somone and a working dev tem which updates the game evrey month or so , saying this i thing the game is indeed worth it.



    Rate this article 7 Days to die

    (4.6/5) 10 rates


    You could use more images. But the article is well-shaped.

    12 june 2018 17:16

    Oyunun mantığı güzel ama grafik kötü

    6 june 2018 16:43

    amazing game just really hard to master

    26 june 2018 22:32

    horde zombie, nice

    25 january 2019 14:48

    This game is a really fun and enjoyable survival game!

    7 june 2018 02:20

    Nice good job

    5 june 2018 17:36

    Great job

    5 june 2018 17:25

    Since no one will read this comment, I'll just say here I worked with people who helped put this out on console and they are in the cover art as zombies. Fun fact! Now move along...

    12 july 2018 09:20

    First day and i died :( i suck at this game

    6 june 2018 14:20

    graphics is not satisfying.

    5 june 2018 23:27