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    FarrelwiZ, 9 january 2018 13:13

    5 Ways Before You Try To Gacha You did it!

    Do you often made angry, emotional or want to cry while doing Gacha? For mobile game lovers must be familiar with the term Gacha. There are a variety of games that use the system, such as Fate / Grand Order, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, Captain Tsubasa: tatake Dream Team, and so on. Gacha itself can be defined as activities get random characters or items, usually you have to sacrifice in-game resource that is usually in the form of diamond or crsytal.

    Whereas in games based Gacha gather diamond or crsytal itself is a difficult thing, so sometimes some gamers are very careful in making decisions when going to Gacha. Even if you have a thick wallet and is able to redeem diamond or crystal, it is no guarantee you will get a hero or rare items that you want, Gacha system will still run at random, as all will be re-hung luck. Therefore this time ME has powerful tips that you can use in order to successfully get the character or rare items your target.

    1. Reroll

    In each game based Gacha at the start of play the game you will be given the opportunity to perform for free Gacha, but some gamers are usually satisfied with what is obtained first. Therefore, techniques reroll the first step for you to get a character or a rare item for free. You only need to menggulang game or install the game from the beginning to get a hero or item you want. While this is quite a waste of time, but will be very effective because there is no in-game resource is wasted.


    2. Relogin

    Some gamers believe that before Gacha, first you need to log out of the game and re-logging in, this is done with the aim to refresh the existing system in the game. Full server because of the number of players who are widely considered some gamers make gacha we do not produce character or target item. Therefore relogin is believed to have an impact on the en-game refreshment you so bring good luck to get Gacha characters or rare items.


    3. Time Gacha

    There are rumors that in a game, there is a system that regulates gacha that will produce heroes and rare items if done at certain hours. The gamers believe the game has a slit Gacha at certain times that, if you know the gap is believed Gacha did you do will produce a hero or a quality item. Surely this way requires some experimentation to mentukan timing advance, and not necessarily one and the other game has the same time slot.


    4. Bath, Eat, Sleep

    When too cool to play the game you sometimes forget to do all three of these activities. The bath is believed to cleanse the mind and the dirt and dust on your body, in addition to a hungry stomach coupled with the effects of staying up for days for the sake of hunting diamond or crsytal make-hawa hawa negative gather around you. By doing these three things before Gacha, believed to give positive suggestions on yourself and can get rid of bad luck and negative desires attached to the body, so Gacha we do can succeed.


    5. Socialize

    For the sake of survival in the game, sometimes you willing to sacrifice your social life and choosing shut himself in the room, the lack of social interaction and lack of affection from someone make you forget that the real you is a social creature. The souls are empty and hungry for affection makes demons and negative auras around the house started to get closer, so it will affect the Gacha are going to do. Immediately put your smartphone, say hello to the people around you.

    So how are you going to follow? You can believe it or ignore the above tips, because these methods are unreliable in the success of doing Gacha. Because after all the hard work and luck is a major factor in the success you play a game.

    Rate this article 5 Ways Before You Try To Gacha You did it!

    (5/5) 1 rating



    21 april 2019 17:57

    thanks for this informative article. Now I know what is this.

    23 june 2019 16:29