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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Wolf Team

    dead game dont bother playing

    16 august 2018 05:30

    pointles noone playing it at all over an hour in

    16 august 2018 06:28

    wolfteam best game wolf and game=wolfteam perfect baby!!!

    8 april 2020 19:14

    is this game fun enough to play? if it is i will download it.

    4 february 2021 12:03

    Wolf Team is a tactical lobby-based FPS that's similar to games like BlackShot, CrossFire, and Combat Arms, but with a twist – players can transform into werewolves. Upon transformation, players gain much more mobility, bonus health, and a powerful melee attack, but lose the ability to use their guns. Players can transform back and forth at will, and this dynamic creates a unique gameplay experience unlike any other in the Korean MMOFPS genre. Wolf Team is essentially a mix of traditional tactical shooter gameplay with a unique transformation system that makes gameplay more varied and deep.

    27 december 2021 07:49

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