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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Warlords of Aternum

    Warlords is a video game series created by Steve Fawkner, in which role-playing elements are combined with turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting. The series includes four games and two expansion packs. Several remakes exist.

    1 Gameplay
    1.1 Units
    1.2 Heroes
    1.3 Cities
    1.4 Diplomacy
    1.5 Battles
    2 Original series
    2.1 Warlords
    2.2 Warlords II
    2.3 Warlords III
    2.4 Warlords IV
    3 Spin-offs
    3.1 Battlecry series
    3.2 Puzzle Quest series
    4 Remakes
    4.1 Warlords II for Windows Mobile
    4.2 Warlords Classic
    4.3 FreeLords
    4.4 LordsAWar!
    4.5 Warbarons
    5 See also
    6 References
    7 External links
    The central aspects of Warlords game series are units, heroes, cities and diplomacy.

    Units are the expendable resource in Warlords, produced and/or purchased in all active cities. Units come in different types such as light infantry, archers, elephants, and even mythological creatures such as minotaurs and unicorns. All units in Warlords have several standard properties: strength, distance of movement per turn, cost, and upkeep. Some have additional special abilities such as fly, bonuses to defense or combat, or traverse difficult terrain without hindrances.[1] Since the introduction of Warlords III, units also have hit points.

    Allies are a special type of unit only found by searching ruins or hidden temples. Allies are relatively powerful compared to regular units, don't require upkeep, and often include one or more special abilities. Allies include units such as wizards, dragons, devils, and archons (angels). Some versions of the game, such as Warlords II, have an option to allow cities to produce allies like regular units. In this case, the allies require upkeep and have a production cost.

    Heroes are a special type of unit with a unique set of properties and special abilities:[2][3]

    Possess items - Heroes may pick up items found in ruins or in hidden tombs. These items increase your her

    2 april 2020 15:22

    i love this i want some good characters in warlord of aternum

    24 april 2020 10:23

    i love this i want some good characters in warlord of aternum

    6 september 2020 06:06

    This orcs looks like orcs in world of warcraft

    5 january 2021 20:15

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