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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game War Conquest 1941

    I have no idea how is this game.

    13 january 2019 02:52

    It's New today albedo69 only way to find out is play it. I'm going to try it out for first time now

    29 january 2019 15:47

    Fast Simple to play you can win 5 campaign battles just about from the start of the game And Gives Gems

    29 january 2019 16:46

    ok im kinda stuck. it says build troop camp with a big green arrow pointing down. i click it and i get two options - upgrade or troop camp. I have tried clicking them both leaving me with a blank screen. Anyone else have this problem or know what to do? Thanks

    29 january 2019 17:04

    mrssalter : I don't know what to do about your blank screen Try to refresh the page or close it start aging see if that helps as for build camp just hit the build camp troop camp arrow no need to upgrade yet each arrow will point you the way and what you need to do Hope this help you if not sorry I tride

    29 january 2019 17:38

    hi gabriel thanks for trying but yeh basically I hit the green arrow and it comes up with two options upgrade or troop camp (troop camp is blank screen) i have refreshed twice now. Im sure its me doing something wrong. Im guessing you hit the green arrow and it automatically built it and moved you onto the next task?

    29 january 2019 18:14

    this kinda looks like war of thunder

    29 january 2019 20:13

    its a bit like wargame 1942 so far with the constructing of buildings etc

    29 january 2019 20:42

    this turned out to be quite a good game actually - had fun :)

    30 january 2019 17:55

    fast and easy to complete the three tasks

    30 january 2019 19:54

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