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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Total War: Arena

    help installing it doesn't go myto don't know why

    23 august 2019 21:59

    hmmm idk im not playing this game.Because is not interesting.

    18 january 2020 12:17

    too bad it shut down

    21 may 2020 13:45

    ıt seems very epic georgeous times for this games

    25 june 2020 17:08

    One of the longest running series in the world of strategy games, the Total War series has become a series that attracted great interest from serious players with its deep diplomacy and military details. One of the heavy guns of the PC platform, Total War has touched different periods of world history, offering players both a historical tour opportunity and the opportunity to shape history like the great leaders of the period. In recent years, the series, which entered the Warhammer world, again managed to meet the expectations of the players.

    Total War: Arena review
    Today, a new game that we can call a by-product of the Total War series was our guest. Total War: Arena, which blends the Total War gameplay we know we love with the popular genre of today, MOBA, launched the open beta test last week. We did not sit idly by and reached the opportunity to experience the beta of the game. First of all, let's say that the game was produced by the Wargaming Alliance and Sega and Creative Assembly. The Wargaming partnership, which has a significant position in the online gaming world with World of Tanks, seems to be a significant benefit in terms of the popularity and promotion of Total War: Arena. First of all, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Total War: Arena is a game close to the MOBA type. In battles of 10 vs 10 players, each player commands 3 units of 100 soldiers each. In the production where you can choose famous commanders from different nations and play, each commander has different characteristics. Among the commanders you can play are leaders we are familiar with, such as Julius Ceasar, Germanicus, King Leonidas, Alexander the Great. By following a certain development tree, we unlock the special troops of the country we are playing in, respectively. This process, which we do by spending the money we earn in the game, allows the player to develop slowly.

    8 august 2020 01:16

    This game is really really good it is about how you put your stratigic thinking and lead your people to win the any empire and you will learn about how to be a king in someway

    26 september 2020 18:36

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