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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Solitaire

    I like solitaire cuz I play for point in my xbox account and amazing

    11 october 2020 11:59

    can't believe this is in gamehag disscussion hahaha

    21 october 2020 04:47

    Solitaire is the best pass time game for me

    21 october 2020 05:06

    I like that Solitaire which comes in windows games i like more than newer edition

    14 november 2020 15:30

    The game is basic and easy for me I do like to play it when I have nothing better to do,all you have to do is dtsvk it numarically, and just do that through out the enitire game.

    16 december 2020 15:48

    e intentado jugar pero no lo entiendo mucho

    23 december 2020 20:57

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