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    (2.25/5) 4 ratings

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Sinespace

    Anyone been able to play this yet? When I click on the play for free button it sends me to nostale website!!

    8 june 2019 15:01

    Same here, and Macafee deems it as "not safe" so its blocked.

    9 june 2019 00:52

    It seems to be working now but a few days ago it was directing me to NosTale as well. This time it directed me to the Sinespace site and I was able to register and download the installer.

    11 june 2019 22:09

    What is the emperor's task, where do i find it, and how do I show I did it?

    12 june 2019 15:59

    now the link is going to Cuisine Royale instead of Sinespace

    1 july 2019 19:55

    I was just told by an admin in Sinespace that the "Emperor's Task" is "in a different grid" and "not part of Sinespace"... ***.

    6 july 2019 05:13

    Good game i love it its so soo amazing cause have tutorial

    22 october 2019 13:21

    Sinespace is i dont know ok game i know creators

    25 february 2020 21:40

    Sinespace is a free MMO game in which you'll be able to create a new yourself and become anyone you want to be!

    16 april 2020 04:13

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