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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Sansar

    Not the best of games, so do not recommend this one, but you can get quite some gems.

    16 january 2020 08:58

    looks interesting, might play this if gamehag offered a reward

    11 june 2020 13:23

    Sansar is very good game i start play every day

    28 june 2020 12:04

    Sanar is really cool and insteresting and so so good game ever i start play i said uhh there4s nothing ppl but later *** theres so so many many ppl that i have been played

    3 july 2020 09:26

    Sansar is good game for me but im new playr need help

    16 august 2020 12:49

    sansar is fun to play, try it out please you wont regret it

    23 august 2020 14:54

    pre pana jana toto ako dobra vec ale nie lepsia ako ta vec vedla tej veci

    24 august 2020 20:36

    I started playing in this game 3 months ago. It is very interesting and entertaining!!

    5 december 2020 08:55

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