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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW

    to je velmi dobra hra ale kus mi pripomina inu hru

    23 october 2020 08:33

    I love the movie, its cool and funny so i loved the game

    11 february 2021 09:15

    Another reskin game. What's the point of pumping out the same game every now and then anyway?

    19 february 2021 21:58

    this move was the best lol and i loved it lol its just so good

    24 march 2021 10:42

    Yeah games like these seem "fun" right? -_-

    24 march 2021 13:15

    Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW is a verry fun game i play with my friends

    24 march 2021 13:51

    on playing looking for powerups and other important items all you get is collectibles items that serve almost no purpose but is there just for the players to read their item

    25 march 2021 04:01

    franticness withGuilt and outrage. As such the Twisted One with the help of the

    25 march 2021 04:02

    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: TOW i love this game i like to play with my friends

    26 march 2021 00:08

    Just one of those city buildinggood tip. i didnt know how to use granades before this article. Now i know. Thank you. This is games like Clash of clans, just notas great

    26 march 2021 03:11

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