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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Nostale

    I like that type of graphic

    18 may 2017 19:32

    so how long does it take to get the class

    26 september 2017 01:30

    what level is basic class

    28 september 2017 01:19

    i spent a lot of hours in that game and just in 30 minutes someone stole me everything, i felt so bad

    23 november 2017 10:19

    Ah, was going to try it, but Yandrak17 made me to not do it... Too bad gameplay if it's like that... The devs should work more hard on this game. Or maybe any game manager fault... But always games like that are too bad idea and die easy or never grow enough to can say they was live.

    25 march 2019 20:18

    love spending hours in a game ive never heard of before and being told that its not a new account. Well Played gamehag

    17 june 2019 02:24

    I played this a lot when I was little, and I still play private servers. All I can say is I find it hilarious how Nostale Vendetta crushed the original so hard that they have to try everything to keep the original afloat...

    20 june 2019 02:04

    3 task isnt that hard right?

    3 july 2019 15:42

    This only works on windows. :weary: I really wanted to try it.

    4 july 2019 05:16

    you have to dowload the game. it is not a browser game

    4 july 2019 15:52

    Anybody know what "the basic class" is?

    8 july 2019 10:38

    Oh I've just searched it up, you get the basic class at level 15 which allows you to pick one of 3 basic classes, you upgrade these over time. Hope it helped some of you!

    8 july 2019 10:40

    To anyone who doesn’t understand what basic or special class:
    Basic class is achieved at level 15 and 20 job level and are one of three classes which are archers swordsmans and mages.
    Specialist is at minimum level 36 where you put a specialist card on your character making it a special class


    14 july 2019 10:21

    what does get the basic clasx mean sorry im new to the game

    14 july 2019 16:46

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