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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Maple Story

    How different is it from the Steam version ?

    25 february 2019 11:20

    Side scrolling MMORPG with cartoony graphics, is fun because of the quests and the ever evolving gameplay. All in all not too bad.

    3 april 2019 00:59

    very good

    7 april 2019 02:00

    I dont know if I will play this game. Maybe I dont

    24 august 2019 10:57

    Idk if it's avaiable in Steam, in my country, Korea, we don't need Steam to play this. But I got so much disappointed by their service repeatedly and quit. It's been more than years since I turned my back and I'll never be back no matter what.

    14 september 2019 17:56

    i played it for a while and had fun and after 30 mins or so it gets boring

    17 november 2019 02:43

    Very grindy for but enjoyable for people who do like to grind.

    10 december 2019 12:34

    maple story m????????? perhaps though my computer can't run normal maple story cause it sucks

    20 december 2019 03:33

    I really liked it. But I didin't play maplestory1 these days...

    24 march 2020 13:27

    love this gameee so muchhh

    12 april 2020 09:49

    I've been playing this game for years and I love it, I know many changes ruined things but the fun is still there and I will never stop loving and playing this game.

    13 april 2020 16:16

    I think this game is an amazing and an absolute classic and it has quite a lot of depth when it comes to all the classes and combos. The community is pretty good however it is less popular than it used to be however there's still an amazing community who still love the game.

    16 july 2020 21:39

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi )$;$$:;;((:);$($($($(&($($($($($(7)

    11 august 2020 17:58

    Its a good games you guys saying? I didnt hear about this hame

    14 november 2020 12:48

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