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    Guild Wars 2

    (4.33/5) 42 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Guild Wars 2

    up that 1700 soulgem to 2500 xD

    25 december 2018 14:31

    Don't waste your time with this task. It is broken atm. I hope they fix it.

    15 january 2019 20:41

    how does it work?

    25 february 2019 10:02

    I hope they add new tasks for this game, haven't played in forever, would be nice to get back into it and also have some SG to look forward to from playing ^_^

    20 july 2020 00:28

    Dont listen to the people who say the task is broken. Only do it if after you register it gives you a noti that you have started the task

    24 february 2021 02:31

    so i registered and completed task correctly and they rejected my task lol I am in shock rn!

    27 february 2021 19:44

    e in the fact that the ability of the hero varies depending on the chosen weapons. A wizard with a staff will create powerful, but slow spells, a magic wand will allow quickly to weave from the air a good charm. At the same time, knives, swords and other conventional weapons allow the caster to make a clever killer with slowing blades, or exploding bombs. A large number of classes and a variety of weapons allows among dozens of combinations to find a really suitable for

    28 february 2021 18:29

    i love this game so much jer opet ima neku pojentu i zabavi ljude a plus je i besplatna

    8 march 2021 10:35

    yeah the game is pretty fun with some pretty solid graphics

    9 march 2021 01:37

    i can't attach the screenshot, anyone know why?

    19 march 2021 02:14

    doesn't seem very interesting, is the task still broken btw?

    19 march 2021 19:53

    Very aggravating that this task does not seem to work no matter what you do. I wish it would. This is seriously a good game, and I think it's an injustice that it isn't able to be appreciated more.

    24 march 2021 00:18

    It works for me, just got the first task done.

    28 march 2021 23:41

    oh man bro this game sucks i hate it this game is so boring

    29 march 2021 18:21

    i got rejected because i have an existing account for a game i didnt know existed. great job misty, way to run a platform. please fix this. i spent time doing this and i deserve my gems.

    9 april 2021 03:17

    What a waste of time! I have never played this game before and I only installed it for the first time to get points. It was my 1st game I even tried as I am also new here on gamehag. Not a good 1st impression and I am NOT impressed!

    12 april 2021 02:36

    guild wars is an incredible game, idk how its free

    15 april 2021 20:30

    Completed the task, got rejected. Says I didnt make a new account. Which is bull because I did make a new account. Seems like a scam to me.

    19 april 2021 14:38

    doesn't work... the task will reject your image and now it's gone anyway soo... RIP

    25 april 2021 20:18

    This game is fun and really easy to play, but it's a lot like other games.

    30 april 2021 23:04

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