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    Fiesta Online

    (4.21/5) 19 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Fiesta Online

    This game doesn't have a convincing title

    29 may 2018 03:31

    How long does it usally take until you send a screenshot in to get your gems?:boom::fire:

    22 june 2018 09:12

    the quest in question no longer exists for task 1 i have tried to get it at lvl 4 where it should be given with several toons in several different ways and it does not come up

    8 august 2018 14:14

    When do I get Conditions for Strong Man 1? I'm well past the level 20 job upgrade quest now, did I miss it?

    8 august 2018 22:05

    Can't seem to find any info on task 3 - Condition for Strong Man 1 - anywhere. Even the hardcore players on the Fiesta Discord are stumped by this one. My guess is it was removed a long time ago.

    8 august 2018 22:52

    3 task is only for fighter class

    11 august 2018 13:55


    13 august 2018 10:32

    good game)

    13 august 2018 10:33

    How do i register for this game? Gamehag denied 2 other tasks I completed from desert operations and warthunder

    21 august 2018 00:35

    So... where'd the bit for submitting a screenshot go?

    8 september 2018 03:59

    Conditiong for Strong Man 1 seems to have disappeared. From my research on the Fiesta Online wiki, it should have been given to the player (if the player is of the Fighter class) upon reaching level 20, but the quest seemingly doesn't exist in the game anymore. Gamehag, PLEASE use a different quest for the third task.

    14 january 2019 09:00

    Sends you to funhub And the game is not on funhub Whats Up With That ?Be nice if gamehag cleared out the games we can't play and don't work add some that do work and give gems. That's point of gamehag Rite ?

    2 february 2019 02:04

    is the first task broken

    4 february 2019 15:09

    This game has been there for a while, keeps on growing and stays fun :)

    7 january 2020 01:57

    Do you remember that bit in Call ofDo you remember that bit in Call of Duty? You know the one I mean. You were a guy—a war guy—and you ran around a corner to find another war guy running in the opposite direction. Yes! This was your moment. Your raised your RDS and sprayed hot 5.56mm NATO into his exposed back, earning you a hundred points, a kill, and a little shot of dopamine. Then, disaster! Another war guy ran around the corner behind you; the screen turned red; you died. Do you remember that bit? You must do, because it happened to everybody, everywhere, every day for the last seven years.

    2 april 2020 09:20


    23 april 2020 16:45

    im sorry, but i personally don't like this game. It is very boring and slow-paced, and it's not the right game for me. It could be for someone else though

    9 may 2020 19:19

    3 задание только для бойца класса

    24 may 2020 18:54

    i like the game but its boring to me tbh

    25 may 2020 18:00

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