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    Entropia Universe

    (3.81/5) 73 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Entropia Universe

    worst game ever and yes there are no levels

    5 july 2018 05:25

    theres a level based system in the game. the primary levels are shown in the professions

    20 august 2018 11:54

    Link doesn't work, lol.

    6 october 2018 18:32

    So I play this game before and what they mean by level is professions which is the big star. It is really not worth it as you need to play for weeks maybe days if you put some cash inside. this is because to get level you need skill and you get skill by doing stuff like sweating while animals or hunting them and it take me about 3 weeks to get to level 3 but this is because I am pretty inactive on this game.

    7 october 2018 07:12

    I hope this is an amazing game.

    30 march 2019 08:23

    It's Really a Good Game.

    28 may 2019 07:57


    8 september 2019 15:22

    lol, this is nothing to say here ahihi :DDDDDD

    22 march 2020 14:35

    i would like to laugh if there's a challenge tho

    22 march 2020 14:35

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