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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game CSR Racing 2

    i couldnt agree more haha lol jk i dont get why people just cooy peoples comments instead of writing thier own. shame on you

    6 april 2020 20:20

    Grafikleri İçin İndiriyorsanız Olabilir Ama İndirdiğiniz Gün Çok Seveceksiniz ve fark edeceksiniz ki birkaç gün sonra oyundan sıkılmaya başlayacaksınız ve oyunun artık sarmadığını fark edeceksiniz ben beğenmedim pek tavsiye etmem

    19 april 2020 19:38

    This is a fantastic game; the graphics, the cars, and everything about it is great. The only issue I have is that when I try to watch videos for different upgrades, the video automatically logs me out of the game

    6 october 2021 08:46

    Fun game in that theres a wide array of cars. Loved the restoration content, but ultimately feels to p2w.

    9 october 2021 13:54

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