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    Chief Almighty: First Thunder

    (3.38/5) 8 rates

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    6745 8094
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    For 1 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach level 20

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Chief Almighty: First Thunder

    This game has a high payout more people should be playing this high paying game

    11 july 2020 01:52

    i see a very high payout on this task and i was just wondering how long does this task take

    8 august 2020 00:40

    Are you supposed to get like the Town hall 20 or just Level 20?

    12 august 2020 05:49

    The ghag link brings me to a blank page, what do I do?

    5 september 2020 19:52

    dam i like this game so much so IMMA STILL GONNA PLAY THIS COOL GAME

    3 december 2020 18:25

    this gme is so cool! i love it so much is the best game evr

    7 december 2020 19:28

    v is coll cuz he to for u and u and u

    7 december 2020 19:29

    Game took me about a week to complete, could have had it done sooner but i made a few mistakes. For Newbie Revelry quests make sure you choose Chief EXP gift every time

    10 december 2020 18:37

    They be chiefin. They really do be chiefin doe :flushed:

    16 december 2020 18:45

    This Game Looks Really Cool I Love It ! :sparkles:

    23 december 2020 23:55

    Missed 9k reward by two days ;*(

    ~6-7 days to complete maybe finish faster if you
    1. save gems for chief XP from trade [3500-3900]
    2. kill mammoths instead of wildings 100XP vs 500-1,000XP/mammoth kill
    3. Newbie Revelry - XP gift is last
    4. Might get lucky in shell/pearl game
    5. $5 will get you one time deal 1million XP
    6. A good clan helps you immensely.

    31 december 2020 11:42

    Task rejected twice citing not a new account, BEWARE. Asking for help from support, but i'm not hopeful.


    3 january 2021 00:38

    I don't know how to play this game is does not make any sense

    10 january 2021 16:30

    :sweat_smile:idk what this game is so can soemne tell me please

    11 january 2021 09:11

    this game is good its not bad but they should work on it more but its cool love it !

    16 january 2021 12:22

    wow this game is so cool!! yall should try it !!! love it !!

    18 january 2021 09:18

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