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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Caveman Chuck

    This is a VERY FUN game so play it and u can get soul gems,wich is easy!!!

    27 may 2019 21:50

    This is a very new one

    28 may 2019 22:47

    Hehe Nice Funny Game.

    29 may 2019 14:17

    super hard game that wants you to pay for more lives or completely start over
    still fun once you know how it works :p

    14 june 2019 23:04

    funny how my task was rejected because i didnt make a new account but you dont even make an account for this game :\\\\\\\

    15 june 2019 23:14

    This game is forcing you to watch ads every single time you die. The game gets hard on purpose to push you to buy lives. Screw this :s

    16 june 2019 00:19

    its a cool game bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21 june 2019 20:28

    This game is awful. The hit detection is bad, the levels are too linear with no thought given to them, the controls are slippery, and attacking is delayed. Don't recommend.

    22 june 2019 22:59

    best game ever seen because of very nice graphics

    22 july 2019 14:41

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