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    Blade & Soul

    (3.9/5) 172 rates

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Finish the quest "The Bamboo Blossom"

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Blade & Soul

    I have played this game and she has incredible graphics

    22 may 2018 21:04

    I tried the game before the EU servers, it was really hard to get in, but I enjoyed. I tried the EU at the early stage, but it had lag. :/ I'm pretty sure they fixed it, but don't have time to play with it.

    27 september 2018 14:31

    I'm just in love with this game, but it's hard(

    7 october 2018 10:43

    was really looking forward to this but once again not supported on Mac :(

    17 january 2019 01:04

    playing this game at NA server from SEA got 300 ms :( hope publiser open server for SEA player with english patch

    5 february 2019 10:02

    I'm just in love with this game, but it's hard(

    9 april 2019 20:43

    i love the graphics

    9 april 2019 22:51

    It's a nice and intersting game but it's very hard

    21 june 2019 12:15

    I'm just in love with this game, but it's hard :((((((

    13 october 2019 12:03

    This is trash they decided to re-review my task and reject it after even though it was the exact thing it asked for trash misty

    14 october 2019 22:33

    At last, someone who knows where to find the beef.

    4 november 2019 21:10

    not rlly a bad game but it need some stuff to make it better

    6 november 2019 21:27

    Good game, graphics are nice, tasks are easy.

    7 november 2019 21:43

    well the UI is really good and everything else, just wish they had a SEA server

    12 november 2019 15:34

    two things are for sure this is an awesome rpg game which great because rpg games are so awesome specially the 3D ones and second thing is its one of the 3D rpg games which is awesome and fantastic i will try it

    12 november 2019 16:03

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