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    the task has been rejected

    hello i send my profile in game i have a crossout account name BlackRooh and i take screenshot from my account and send for task why now is rejected?

    12 may 2019 22:58 2176

    Have you contacted Misty?

    13 may 2019 01:21 2176

    Contac misty she will help you

    13 may 2019 13:00 2176

    My screenshot rejected again. First I use account from War Thunder registred from gamehag. Second register new account for game Crossout from gamehag and send screenshot with 15 wins again. Rejected again. I register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button. My account has been successfully activated! And I win 15 battles.

    Task say on gamehag:
    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 15 battles

    13 may 2019 19:58 2176

    A task for Crossout has been accepted after I open ticket. :-)

    13 may 2019 21:49 2176

    What ticket? How to complete the first task in crossout. What needs to screen? I take reject 5 times(

    14 may 2019 01:47 2176

    this happening to everyone

    14 may 2019 16:10 2176

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