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    I finish a offer by playing games but i didnt get sg.

    I played lords mobile and finish the offer. How can i receive the sg and can i receive that?

    10 may 2019 05:48 1628

    Just tried to play a mini game! 20 fucking adds in a row and it crashed! Didn't even get a single sg! Fucking deleting this fucking scam!

    10 may 2019 11:38 1628

    cuntman and allenn, gamehag it self isn't a scam. the minigames are just really hard and you shouldn't try them. (you have to reach the needed points in one game) .contracts work often, surveys almost never work but thats not gamehags fault but the surveys fault. if something doesnt work you can report that to misty (help--> create ticket). it is important that you downloaded the game after getting redirected and it is the first time you play. if you did everthing correct you should get sg in a few minutes.
    good luck!

    10 may 2019 13:42 1628

    Just because the contract is gone doesn't mean you can't still collect. You just need to contact the support for that wall.

    11 may 2019 21:42 1628

    Yeah, I feel like those mobile thingies dont mostly work, I use a PC to get all my sg.

    11 may 2019 22:14 1628

    to make aure you get SG’s (or any kind of reward) from playing a game offer, you must immediately open the open after installed. Most offers dont say this, some offers says open app within 15 minutes. Some offers have a time frame to complete but may not tell you this, usually needs to be completed within 30 days unless said in instructions.

    Opening the app as soon as it is installed is a must. it registers the reward link, if you do not open the app right away, you most likely won’t get the reward.

    12 may 2019 02:46 1628

    @C^^^man, It's ok to be mad. We all get mad sometimes. Gamehag can be frustrating at times, but it's not okay to cuss. Let's try to keep the forums clean. Unfortunately, I had to mark your comments as spam, because it's not okay to cuss. We have kids that don't even know those words yet. And @Allenn, why don’t you try talking to Misty through a ticket? The support team at Gamehag is very reasonable, and they will do whatever it takes for you to get your soul gems. BTW people, Gamehag is not a scam, regardless of C^^^man over here.

    13 may 2019 06:26 1628

    Oh, and if the SGs still don't come in, you can tell me. I'll contact support myself.

    13 may 2019 06:29 1628

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