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    Top 5 Most Popular Games (To Date)

    Top 5 Most Popular Games (To Date)This is a continuation on from my top-5 series. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out! Here’s the link: Once again, these are just my two cents on the top 5 most popular games to date. Now, I didn’t put this on my last article, but shoutout to Top 5 Gaming for giving me the idea to start a Top 5 series! The games with the star next to them means that they cost money, but you can get them on Gamehag absolutely free!


    #1: Fortnite

    Yea. Fortnite. Are any of you surprised? I bet not. It’s really remarkable at how much progress Fortnite has made. It’s gone from an average, Epic Games video game to the most popular game in the world, with over 250 million players to date (yea, it’s impressive). In the game, you are put against 99 other players in a free-for-all match, where you have to gather materials (wood, stone, and metal), get guns and explosives, and try to be the last one alive. There are also things to regain your health, and get a special type of health, called shields. Shields will only protect you from traps, explosives, and guns. You can have 100 HP, and 100 shields. Different types and different rarities of guns will do different damage, each with a different reload speed, and a different amount of ammo it can hold in 1 round (Example, Assult Rifle=30 Silenced Sniper=1). Of course, this is just solo mode. You can play duo mode with a friend, or squads mode with 3 friends. There are also limited-addition gamemodes you can play, such as 50v50, Solid Gold, and 20v20v20v20v20. You can buy skins, emotes, backpacks, wraps, skydiving trails, and gliders. They don’t affect your gameplay, though. These are all bought with Fortnite’s digital currency, which is called V-Bucks. You can also buy a battle pass, which has limited-editions of all of these, which can be bought for 950 V-bucks. Okay, I think I covered all of Fortnite. Let’s move on.


    #2: League of Legends

    League of Legends. Great. You’ve probably seen so many ads for this on youtube that you probably memorized the ad by now. I sure have. Let’s move on!

    Okay, okay. I was kidding. Let’s give it a chance. Like the ad says, you get a team, fight against another team, and destroy their Nexus. How fun. (I can already see you League of Legends fans dissing me in the comments :P). The developer is Riot Games. You can choose dozens of different characters to play as, (your character is called a champion) and you can also purchase different outfits for them (if you’re not afraid of spending a little money). Anyways, the only reason why the League of Legends part is so short compared to the Fortnite one is because it’s a pretty simple game. (Also, the image of the half metal pig with spider legs that stuffs his enemies in his metal stomach to get razor-bladed gave me nightmares for weeks the first time I saw that ad) You can also play with friends, to destroy even more nexuses! Horray!!! (Finally, I can stop talking about League of Legends :P)


    (Ya know, the actual image looks nothing like the cartoon ad that keeps showing up on youtube :P)

    #3: Minecraft

    I had to add this in here. I know I added it in the top 5 dead games list, but before it was dead, it was TREMENDOUSLY popular. If you have been around for a bit, and know your games right, you would know that when it was at its peak, it was even more popular than Fortnite is now! (Yea, shocker right?) Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very popular (that's why I added this in this list…). There are 4 different modes in Minecraft, but two of them are usually only used for servers, and not usually for regular Minecraft. The two ones that are usually used for normal Minecraft are Creative mode and Survival mode. Creative is when you have unlimited resources, can fly, don’t take damage, and can break blocks with a single hit. Survival is grinding it out, getting food, punching trees, killing animals, etc. (Sorry for the last one. Hope you vegetarians have a bathroom near you). Nevertheless, it is a very cartoonish-styled game and has attracted millions upon millions of followers to date. You can also play multiplayer in regular Minecraft, and in public servers. Different servers have different games. There is Skybounds, where you have a floating island and have to compete with other people to be the richest person, and there is also Cubecraft, where you can do a variety of things from competing in floating islands (like Skybounds), to doing parkour. (These are just 2 of the dozens upon dozens of public servers in multiplayer Minecraft). Well, enough about Minecraft. Let’s get to #4, which is:

     | (not this :P)



    #4: Overwatch

    I knew I had to put this in sooner or later. UGH. If you’re wondering why I’m so upset, it’s because I didn’t know much about the game, so I had to research and play for myself to figure out. When I played it, it was pretty fun. It’s a game made by Blizzard Entertainment, and it’s available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and for Windows. You are put into a team of 6, and get to select a character from the 3p available characters. You have to try to kill other players, but that’s not everything in this game. I know when I watched the Overwatch competition, that one of them was when one team had to lead a tank of some sorts to a specific area, while the other team tried to prevent them. If the team with the tank made it within the time, they won, but if they didn’t, the other team won. I don’t know too much, I only played it and researched enough to write this article. If you would like to learn more, try researching for yourself. I’m sorry if I made a lot of errors. Please feel free to tell me the things I missed. I only played it like 3 times. :( Well, here’s #5


    #5: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Now, this is a game I’m familiar with because I’ve played it quite a few times. It’s a single-player game, and you have to complete various tasks for various people. I’m not 100% sure if this is true, but a bit of research told me that it takes approximately 300 hours to complete Skyrim. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve never finished the game, so I’ll take their word for it. You get gold to buy food, weapons, jewelry, and armor. While you do various tasks, you will kill skeletons called Draugrs, kill normal skeletons, kill people, kill dragons, kill giants, kill skeevers, kill wolves, kill (well you get the point). Sorry if you are a vegetarian (again). You also get to do magic, shoot flames from your hands, and drink wine and ale while you run like hell away from a giant which you shot with the worst bow in the game (Don’t ask me why I said this. It’s a very depressing story of my first time playing Skyrim). Anyways, you can also to funny things, like put a pot on someone’s head without them realizing, adopt a daughter and troll her, give her a knife, and also strip someone naked (when they’re dead). Okkkkayyyyy. That last one wasn’t too funny. You can steal, pickpocket, and hide behind your partner while he/she does all the work. You can also give he/she a boatload of crap, which he/she has to carry. (Kids, Skyrim is for ages 17 and up without parental approval. It has some inappropriate content your parents won’t want you seeing.


    Honorable Mention: Gamehag

    Gamehag is like nicotine. It’s so addictive. It’s been only a week for me, and I’ve already written 2 articles, and already gotten over 1000 soul gems. I’m also an adept (which isn’t too good, but it’s better than like, 95% of Gamehag users). I’ve already claimed 2 prizes with my Soul Gems in Steam, and have been enjoying playing my new games. You can earn Soul Gems for:

    • Publishing an article (Which is what I’m doing right now :P)
    • Daily login
    • Steam daily chest
    • Reviewing other peoples’ articles
    • Minigames
    • Game tasks
    • Buying Soul Gems
    • Referrals
    • And much, much, more...

    Gamehag has been the only website that I can actually trust to get free stuff. Gamekit is similar, but when I tried it, it was untrustworthy. This is not only fun, but also rewards me. I can even get gift cards to spend on whatever junk I want! Just by playing the games I love! What can be better than that? (probably being Bill Gates :P)

    Anyways, I’m trying to say, Gamehag is amazing, and it’s only been like, 2 weeks since I first registered! I’ve already gotten 2 games, worth overall 8$! I made 8$ for doing almost nothing! How awesome is that!


    Anyways, this has been the top 5 most popular games to date. Hope you had fun! (I sure had fun making every part of this article [but the Overwatch and League of Legend parts]. You can diss me all you want in the comments :P). Do you guys wanna know something funny? There are 8000+ chars in this article. That’s legit enough for 3 articles and change. Well, I guess that’s why this took me legit like 3 days with 4-hour sessions to make. I hope this makes the forum page, or this will just be a waste of 12 perfectly good hours of my life.

    Note: None of this is copied and pasted. You can check for yourself if you want to.

    8 may 2019 04:18 1625

    I get and getting new info.

    26 july 2019 16:51 1625

    good games

    26 july 2019 17:06 1625

    @slowlase yeah , 5 is the limit

    27 july 2019 08:12 1625

    Good article

    27 july 2019 12:35 1625


    27 july 2019 12:55 1625

    the reason why i play minecraft is because pewdiepie play it and the minecraft memes started

    15 august 2019 15:34 1625

    how to get the SG in minigames?

    15 august 2019 15:36 1625

    i won once but i didn't recieve any :V

    15 august 2019 15:36 1625

    i think its a fake :V

    15 august 2019 15:36 1625

    does anyone want to tell me? plzzz tell me :(

    15 august 2019 15:36 1625

    Nice work. One of my favourite game is Minecraft😍😻😘

    15 august 2019 15:51 1625


    15 august 2019 21:36 1625

    League of legends :)

    16 august 2019 05:52 1625

    Great honorable mention

    16 august 2019 16:42 1625

    Where is CSGO and PUBG??

    19 august 2019 09:41 1625

    don't use 4k images in article. They don't fit.

    19 august 2019 10:08 1625

    This list is missing PUBG.

    19 august 2019 10:24 1625

    article is fine but images are slightly misplaced.

    19 august 2019 10:54 1625

    wooooooooooooooo skyrim is good

    19 august 2019 11:11 1625

    csgo should probs be on here

    19 august 2019 11:12 1625

    I'm guessing this lis isn't based on actual numbers

    19 august 2019 11:12 1625

    League of legends is the best

    19 august 2019 13:40 1625

    MINECRAFT good game

    19 august 2019 15:09 1625

    where is DOTA2

    19 august 2019 15:10 1625

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