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    How to take a screenshot?

    I sent a screensot to Gamehag for war thunder and they rejected can someone send an example please?

    6 may 2019 16:26 1628

    Have you ever tried the PrintScreen button (PrtSc)?

    6 may 2019 22:59 1628

    You need to make sure your account name is visible in the screenshot

    6 may 2019 23:54 1628

    When I try PrtSc it copies an invite link somehow and my username was visible on the top if you look carefully?

    7 may 2019 17:15 1628

    + It have to open a photo editor like paint, photoshop and Paste it. If you did correctly then save the picture and upload it. If it isn't helped you enough then I'm sorry.

    7 may 2019 20:04 1628

    You actually don't need a photo app to take screenshots there are many ways to take one using windows 10. I use Nvidia Shadowplay myself.


    You need to take a screen of your wins, click your profile name at the top it shows them there for AB,RB and SB. Best to just stick to tank AB imo for quick win or lose.

    8 may 2019 02:03 1628

    pres PrSc your keyboard and go skicar and paste and go save it and uploud image on website gamehag

    8 may 2019 14:29 1628

    I use the snipping tool, very easy to use.

    9 may 2019 13:20 1628

    Download lightshot.and use Print Screen Sys Rq to ss

    9 may 2019 13:23 1628

    I use my printscreen button

    12 may 2019 18:48 1628

    a bit late but on war thunder it is hard to get them approved, you should also have date and time displayed by having war thunder in window mode, or you can do as i did and send a ticket using misty.

    12 may 2019 19:13 1628

    Ok I asked misty the problem is fixed Thanks for your answers.

    14 may 2019 19:57 1628

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