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    Top 5 Games that USED to be Popular

    Now, don't go hatin' on me just because you disagree, or you still play these games. So if you get offended easily, just exit out of this if you want. If you do like it, give it 5 stars! These are just my opinions on the top 10 dead games of all time.

    #1: Minecraft

    Now, I know what you are thinking: "Why is it on this list? Don't people still play it?" Well, people still DO play it, it's just very unpopular nowadays (compared to 2014 or 2015). Now, don't get me wrong, I still love Minecraft. I'm just saying, games like Fortnite are taking over. 


    #2: Classic Mario

    This might come as a surprise to many of you. But CLASSICAL Mario was one of the most popular games EVER. Now, I'm talking about Classical Mario (not the Mario game that you play on your Nintendo Switch). Nowadays, If people had a choice between Mario, Fortnite, and Roblox, I guarantee you that the majority of people would pick Roblox or Fortnite (unless they are diehard Mario fans or something...)

    #3: Tetris

    If you ever played this game, whether on your iPhone, iPad, or console, you would know how fun it is. This game is the most popular video game EVER. It has attracted more than 400 MILLION worldwide. Wow. Anyways, you don't really see people playing it too much nowadays. Kinda sad, how almost no one plays it anymore.


    #4: Pokémon Go

    I just HAD to put it on this list. It comes out, it's the most downloaded game for 2017 summer, everyone loves it, then it dies. BOOM. Just like that. I don't really understand how it goes from being a popular app to a dead app, in barely a month. (Kinda like the fidget spinner craze.) People still play it a lot, although it isn't nearly as popular as it once was. 


    #5: Clash of Clans

    For our last one, we have Clash of Clans. Similar to Pokémon Go, this was HUGELY popular when it came out, but people lost interest quickly. Now, if you don't know what Clash of Clans is, you have probably been living under a rock. Their topic youtube channel has more than 10 mil subs! It is HIGHLY addicting, but the only agonizing thing is that you have to wait so long for your upgrades! I mean, come on! Some upgrades take as long as 14 days! Again, people still play it, just not nearly as much.

    Honorable Mention: Pac-Man

    Okay, so if you didn't know what Tetris was, you at least HAVE to know what Pac-Man is, right? If you don't, that's sad. About a few decades ago, Pac-Man was one of the most popular games in the WORLD. Nowadays, people only play the google version of Pac-Man, when they have a couple minutes to spare. 
    Hope you enjoyed! This is Leadingsnow signing out. Peace! (BTW, this is my first article, so please be a little lenient :) )

    5 may 2019 17:34 1625

    Here I sit getting buffeted by waves of nostalgia. I think of everything on that list, I miss being super enthusiastic about Minecraft the most. Every now and again I get an urge to boot up a server and dig a hole for an hour or two, but the old magic of the game never really lasts that long anymore.

    14 may 2019 17:27 1625

    where is the clash royale and mobile legends?

    1 july 2019 03:02 1625

    i love the second game

    1 july 2019 04:20 1625

    I'd change no.1, minecraft has become really popular again!

    1 july 2019 07:44 1625

    i think lthis list is broken

    1 july 2019 08:45 1625

    I feel this article lacks some information to be honest.

    1 july 2019 14:04 1625

    Its weird how fast pokemon go went from extremely popular to not so much

    1 july 2019 21:46 1625

    Right now minecraft and coc are beoming more popular.

    1 july 2019 23:33 1625

    but minecraft is still popular and i like it

    2 july 2019 11:48 1625

    Minecraft is still popular and awesome so the first one is not a right one i think

    2 july 2019 12:32 1625

    Everyone is playing minecraft again. But its still less popular than before.

    5 july 2019 12:06 1625

    Minecraft is so amazing,i like it so much.😍 its really popular~

    8 july 2019 08:33 1625

    i supposed not that bad but you forgot gta san

    8 july 2019 09:08 1625

    minecraft is still popular, fortnite is still quite popular, but has bad reputarion, roblox is still kicking...

    8 july 2019 11:39 1625

    No research I'm guessing

    8 july 2019 16:24 1625

    Minecraft and pokemon go still have tons of daily players, just because you haven't heard of them in a while doesn't mean it's dead

    8 july 2019 16:25 1625

    me when i see minecraft on the list:

    *loads LMG with religious intent*

    8 july 2019 18:26 1625

    I'm not sure about the fortnite taking over minecraft stuff, IIRC minecraft is rising again in popularity whilst fortnite is going down.

    10 july 2019 02:02 1625

    Minecrafts comin backi lol. pewdiepie even makin vids

    10 july 2019 04:18 1625

    Okay, I guess minecraft shoudn't in be the list because one, even though it's not as popular as it is back then it is still popular. two, i just wanted to earn xp

    10 july 2019 04:40 1625

    Pokemon go was never popular

    10 july 2019 19:34 1625

    Minecraft is also popular in these days as new updates are coming.

    10 july 2019 20:12 1625

    Classic Mario is so important for many.... also, I think pokémon go is still quite popular.
    This is a great list :)

    11 july 2019 00:14 1625

    Minecraft definitely shouldn't be on this list, it even surpassed fortnite in views and even player count on servers such as hypixel have over 50k regularly

    11 july 2019 04:29 1625

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