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    Monthly chest error

    I have trouble opening the monthly chest , it says i havent collected 1k sg , but i CLEARLY earner more than 3k for the last week only !!! Help pls

    30 april 2019 04:08 1628

    you should collect 1500 after that time that it said

    30 april 2019 04:31 1628

    Not all earned SG count for opening the monthly chest. I think daily SG is one of them that doesn't count.

    30 april 2019 04:33 1628

    In order for him to have earned more then 3k in a week he must have done some tasks or played games, this should be counted without a doubt. Send in a ticket to misty to see if she can help you.

    30 april 2019 09:51 1628

    I still need to wait few hours to redeem it.
    If you've some kind of error then you should contact support..

    30 april 2019 11:26 1628

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