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    Help me :)

    I have 3100 sg.Should I buy Steam chest x4 or waiting 5$ ateam card? :d

    29 april 2019 11:04 1628

    buy chests

    29 april 2019 11:05 1628

    My recommend is to keep it until reach what you want. All chest has a little chance to win so don't buy it

    29 april 2019 11:58 1628

    the way i see it most other items are better then chests as the chances of getting a random steam key with a useless game is just to great. I also recomend that you buy something else. Buying a steam gift card might be a good idea and then wait for a good sale, but youre not getting to much walue out of the gift cards. The thing you get the most value out of per sg is buying the older games on this page.

    29 april 2019 12:53 1628

    do NOT buy the chest, please. it's a waste of sg. rather save up to buy the amount you really want. speaking from experience.

    29 april 2019 14:38 1628

    innapropriate comment reported

    29 april 2019 15:32 1628

    you should wait for steam wallet

    29 april 2019 15:33 1628

    But No Steam card 1 year I think

    29 april 2019 19:05 1628

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