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    Do chests disappear in the inventory?

    I haven't earned 1500 sg yet for both the Easter Chest and March Premieres. Do I have a time limit before they disappear?

    25 april 2019 12:48 1628

    I guess the time limit is a month because i want to open last month chests and can't find those.

    25 april 2019 14:30 1628

    yes, most of them are time limit

    25 april 2019 19:19 1628

    Chests such as weekly, daily and monthly ones which are free don't dissapear from your inventory. They are stored there forever (well, as long as your account is active!).
    Same thing goes with the chests you buy or get from codes, they also stay.

    All event chests lasts only 1 month since the day they were released. For the Easter event, chests are available from 19.04. and they will last till 18.05.!


    25 april 2019 19:50 1628

    Thank you Sparrow94 for that answer!

    25 april 2019 21:49 1628

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