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    How do you find your level in-game?

    One of the new tasks ask us to reach level 15 but the game does not have such a feature. there is no "LEVEL" under profile summary or anywhere else in the game. There was a 1.9GB update yesterday, could the devs have removed it? Anyone knows where to find your level in the game?

    24 april 2019 11:47 89

    samd here im confuse

    11 may 2019 22:08 89

    This is what I got from wiki, "These milestones are represented by Account Levels in the Service Record under the "Profile" tab in the Port screen. By playing in battles, captains also raise their Account Level and unlock new opportunities as well as rewards. Below is a list of the most important milestones currently available in the game. More features, game modes, and content will be added with time. Keep a lookout!"

    14 june 2019 06:06 89

    You can check your level on the website under Players tab

    29 june 2019 19:05 89

    u have to chceck the main tabulator on thr right bottom

    15 july 2019 13:19 89

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