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    Try again ERROR on AppZone?

    Wth is this?

    24 april 2019 10:36 1628

    Its always get this message when im click on the "play" button

    24 april 2019 11:07 1628

    Yes this is a very known issue, when i am on my emulator and i donot get any ads or try again errors i do the following to trouble shoot resolve this issue
    1. I go to application manager and gamehag and clear all history every thing
    2. i restart my emulator
    3. I relogin and try again
    4. If still not working after max 5 attempts i do more steps which i explain below
    5. I reset the router and do all steps 1 to 4 all over again
    6. Most of the times i keep on doing it over and over again patience is the key plus these methods explained above will mostly resolve your issue no need even to contact support or misty
    Hope this helps

    24 april 2019 13:15 1628

    It's most likely caused by an unstable connection, though mostly just temporary. Try it again a few more times and if it's still giving the same error, try turning off and then on your Wi-Fi or data connection. Even if the ad actually plays without any more error messages, I'm not sure if there are any SG to be rewarded until now...

    24 april 2019 19:13 1628

    My guess is that the ad provider runs out of ad to serve to you

    24 april 2019 19:31 1628

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