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    Are there any imbalances?

    Are there any imbalances on nations powers? Like are US planes stronger than USSR planes?

    23 april 2019 18:40 11

    USSR tanks are overpowered,Germany vehicles are pretty underpowered.

    23 april 2019 21:14 11

    The game is balanced due to patches !

    23 april 2019 22:49 11

    not balanced the ussr tanks are op the british tanks are lame, german tanks are waaaay underpowered

    29 april 2019 12:50 11

    yes japan vs soviets japan infinite victory

    30 may 2019 22:30 11

    idk man dont play this game

    10 june 2019 14:44 11

    Currently in War Thunder, in my opinion, the most balanced tier is basically all of the mid-tier (4.0-8.0) as this is where semi-modern weapon systems are initially introduced, with the main brunt of vehicles being WW2-Vietnam era vehicles. The only reason I think low-tier is slightly less balanced, emphasis on slightly, is because a large portion of players are inexperienced.

    11 june 2019 05:58 11

    Honestly, it just depends on where you hit the enemy.

    12 june 2019 05:59 11

    its mostly skill and crew points.

    15 june 2019 21:49 11

    Its a pay to win game and the matches are horrid since they match you up against people who are way higher ranked or have premium stuff. Good luck trying to rank up without buying anything

    16 june 2019 00:01 11

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