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    Problems receiving Soulgems Solutions.

    In this thread I am going to post possible solutions for not receiving SG on FF XV

    23 april 2019 16:09 2208

    First of all the game has to be downloaded for the first time to receive the SG so keep that in mind.

    23 april 2019 16:10 2208

    still no Solution atm......
    I did not get my SG's I did download it on my Android device. I started for the first time and in a few days I got the Citadel to lvl 10. No Sg's received. Came back to the page here to check it out. Clicked again on the offer via my PC and it ask me if I want to download it on an iPhone or iPad. Well I gladly also have an iPad, so I download it on my iPad and still no SG's received even though I logged on my account I created.

    28 april 2019 11:12 2208

    Yeah , so I had that problem too yesterday and my conclusion is that some games are currently broken. So you should try another game and if it has a problem too reach gamehag's support.

    29 april 2019 16:36 2208

    trying another game doesn't give me the Sg's I should have received ;)

    30 april 2019 10:37 2208

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