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    magic jigsaw puzzel help plz

    magic jigsaw puzzel - andriod how can i do this offer it tell download this game and reach 5000 point whats mean 5000 point plz it mean coins? or what?

    23 april 2019 15:04 1628

    same it says complete 10 large jigsaw puzzles and receive reward. what is meant by Large?

    22 may 2019 17:40 1628

    You need to go to mode and scroll down to the hardest puzzle those are the largest ones there. You get points for completing each puzzle.

    22 may 2019 18:43 1628

    yeah u are right and i do part 1 from 4 large and i should compelte 4 in one large puzzel thats so hard it takes with me 4h for part 1

    23 may 2019 02:27 1628

    how many of the largest puzzles do you have to complete? I love puzzles but I wonder if it is worth it

    23 may 2019 04:12 1628

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