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    How to play final arena.

    As you know, in the original zombie mode, the last map added to it is final arena.

    A map with six ( 6 ) waves only ,seems short compared to other zombie mode map with 30 waves,but unlike the other maps,it has 6 bosses with fixed tactics they do in every game.

    So let's talk about those tactics and how we can beat it at hard level.

    Please note that:

    Easy : four ( 4 ) waves plus bonus wave , one of the main five bosses won't appear and it is chosen randomly.

    Normal : Five ( 5 ) waves plus bonus wave , all the main bosses will appear , but their order will be in random.

    Hard : six ( 6 ) waves plus bonus wave , all the main bosses will appear , and in addition , the war bear will appear for more additional rewards.

    That was a long introduction , let's hop to it.

    Every boss has two different tactics ( exclude the war bear )  , tactic changes after the health points go pass 50%

    So let's start with the first boss:

    1-The Engineer:


    So at the start he comes with a body armor and a helmet , both of then can be destroyed by shooting it for a little bit , let's say almost 10 seconds.

    Now to the tactic:

    Above 50%

    He targets 1 player and keeps walking towards him/her , his speed is almost equal to your speed .

    He fires fire balls from his canons to the sky and they drop to the group causing burns ,stepping in these burns deal damage and slow down the players , it disappear after a while , he fires 1 or 2 balls.

    If many players get close to him , he starts preparing to do a spin attack , short range deal damage to all surroundings.

    Tip: if he is near you while it , press "F" to counter it and take no damage.

    Below 50%

    Same tactic above plus:

    Fire balls increase to 3-4 balls and his attack speed increase.

    He start to call 1 name from the players dashes to him/her dealing damage on touch , To avoid the damage Press "F" and then dash away "Shift"


    He starts with weapon on his tail that fires poisons in a player's location and stick to the ground for a while , dealing damage.

    The tail can be destroy by shooting it,it might take long time to destroy about 10 to 20 seconds.

    Above 50%

    It targets one player and keep running towards him/her and attacks with is claw, once the animation starts , it damage the player , it moves faster than the normal player , so running from it alone isn't a very good idea.

    Once every while , it tries to capture one player and deal continues damage to him/her .

    Tip: If it is going after you ,it is good to press "F" before it touches you to prevent any kind of damage for 1 to 2 seconds.

    Below 50%

    Same tactic above plus:

    It starts leaving a trail of poison on the ground , dealing damage to the players and slowing them down , it disappear after a while.

    Below 20%

    It will ask his minions for help , healing his health points after they reach.

    Tip: When it calls for his minions , fast throw the bombs appearing on the edges on the scorpion itself , it will deal many damage enough to kill him.



    Above 50%

    She targets one player and tries to attack him/her , her speed is faster than the normal player.

    She calls the name of one player and teleport to him/her and attack , to avoid taking damage , press "F" before she finishes the move.

    When she is damaged , she disappear and starts running around to heal some of her health points , when she does that , you can see her if you focused , attacking her will remove the invisibility , but will make her charge to attack a player.

    She might start a spin attack , moving fast to a random player , dealing damage , stays for 1 second then go to another player , to stop her from going to other , attack her by using "F" , if you want to take no damage from this attack , attack her using "F" before she starts moving.

    Below 50%

    She enters a rage mode , preforming attacks faster, increase movement speed and damage dealt

    Pro tip: it is best to keep her standing in one place and keep spinning around her , when she tries to hit you , you would be already out of the way of the attack and close enough to deal a kick.



    Starts with three devices , each device give a shield to the boss , destroying all three lift the shield up

    Note: the shield decreases the damage only , doesn't prevent it.

    Above 50%

    He will keep standing in middle , and will only do 2 moves , each one after the other.

    1st move: He will target 3 players and fire a laser , deals damage , to escape it just simply dash around.

    2nd move: He will call a bolt of lighting and then pass it to the ground , dealing high damage , to prevent it ,  you will have to jump before he hit the ground.

    Below 50%

    He goes to the ground and starts moving towards a random player , with spikes around him , it deals damage on touch once , then he goes to another player.

    Tip: When he goes to ground use the freezing Bazooka wisely , don't fire all at once , wait so he stays slow until he dies.



    It keeps flying over the arena , S it might take longer to kill it because of the accuracy of you weapon.

    Above 50%

    It fires some of its feathers and explodes after a while dealing damage.

    It calls out a random player , then breathes fire at him/her , to avoid it , keep dashing away from BUT DO NOT RUN INTO YOUR TEAM SO THEY DO NOT GET DAMAGED.

    Below 50%

    It move faster and won't be slowed by slowing beam.

    It calls out tornadoes pulling them to the air and deal damage to him , to avoid the damage , Press"F" before falling.

    Tip: use the sound to predict the places of the tornadoes and avoid them.

    And finally ,
    6-The War Bear:


    This boss has so many tactics with so many ways of damaging the players.

    He has a helmet that can be destroyed.

    He has three weapons that can be destroyed , each weapon has its own time to start.

    1st weapon: Canon , when someone is targeted by it , it take exactly 1 second to hit him/her.

    To avoid the damage , you need to be quick and press "F" as it says your name.

    2nd weapon: Machine gun , it fires continues bullets to the named target , dealing damage , the hardest move to avoid.

    To avoid keep dashing away and fast , as soon as possible.

    3rd weapon: Rocket Launcher , it fires rockets to the sky and hit the marked areas , but for all the time it take to fire it , the war bear keeps standing and vulnerable to all attacks.

    When a weapon or 2 are destroyed , the chains holding him starts to break and it breaks free.

    After it breaks free , it jumps to the furthest player and deal damage to him/her.

    If you are so close , it will try to hit you with its claws.

    Tip: it is better to destroy the Machine Gun first , then go for the canon , it is best to leave the rocket launcher since it keep it vulnerable.

    Note: Don't go too close to this boss at first because the chains deal damage around the boss.

    Boss Revival

    A very rare occasion , When the boss is killed , it respawns again with a slight of health points , it have no weapons , but it has more movement speed.

    After killing it you will earn 2xclear instead of one.

    Thanks for reading

    I hope you enjoyed reading my article , if anyone wants any tips or guides on any zombie mode, ZM2 or ZM3 maps feel free to ask ^_^.


    20 april 2019 17:03 1625

    Thanks. I Really Enjoyed

    20 april 2019 17:29 1625

    You are welcome 😄 .

    20 april 2019 17:30 1625

    thank you so much

    20 april 2019 20:36 1625

    thats really great well done dude

    20 april 2019 23:11 1625

    You Really Worked hard

    21 april 2019 17:41 1625

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