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    No gems for mini games

    Anyone else having this problem?

    18 april 2019 02:04 1628

    I have it a few times, it usually happens when I have poor connection. But if you have the msg that tells you that you can't earn until finishing a task then you have to do a contract. Even so, mini games is actually slow and inefficient way to earn sg.

    18 april 2019 05:26 1628

    The thing is you have to complete the task which is requested to earn SG. But you will get 1 SG for 1 mini-game after completing the task. My recommend is DO NOT PLAY MINI-GAMES.

    18 april 2019 07:41 1628

    I know how to get the gems. Its just not working for me. I get the goal of the mini game but no reward. I know they are hard to get and not the best way to get gems.

    18 april 2019 12:43 1628

    I dont think it has anything to do with the internet connection.

    18 april 2019 12:44 1628

    sometimes gamehag runs into problems. if you didn't get your soul gems, please contact them.

    18 april 2019 13:03 1628

    mini games dont work for me, tried alot of things, dunno ...

    18 april 2019 14:28 1628

    At first, I played minigames on my pc, and I didn't get any gems. Then, I tried on my smartphone, and It works. I got the gems by playing the minigames on my smartphone.

    18 april 2019 17:04 1628

    I cant even play minigames it just doesn't work

    18 april 2019 18:58 1628

    You should complete the tasks in mini games to earn 1SG if u cant earn on yojr pc try to play on your phone

    18 april 2019 19:47 1628

    I can't get sg for mini games on pc, but if I use my android tablet it works. But it seems that it is a limit to how many sg you can earn that way. I managed to get 20 sg(used HAGL rune) before I got a alert that to earn more I need to complete another task to keep earning sg from mini games.

    23 april 2019 13:50 1628

    yah me too

    23 april 2019 19:31 1628

    Sometime it work sometime it not

    24 april 2019 09:15 1628

    You need complete some task or contracts to get gems and after this watch ads in app zone after you can get gems from mini games :)

    25 april 2019 04:22 1628

    Yeah, i encountered the same issue recently.

    25 april 2019 13:06 1628

    The games don't load it's just an endless fucking sd loop this is fucking beyond stupid and annoying fuck this app.

    28 april 2019 08:06 1628

    when you play a minigame they usually tell you to reach a certain point then you'll get 1 sg if you pass it.

    28 april 2019 12:19 1628

    the minigames are not worth it!

    29 april 2019 18:54 1628

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