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    Contracts is working for you?(mobile games)

    I didnt get my sgs for Rise of Scamdoms :'(

    13 april 2019 11:17 1628

    You can try asking misty or contact support in discord. But actually, whether you get rewarded is by the people who host the contracts not gamehag, but gamehag can still try to help you.

    13 april 2019 12:16 1628

    "i had similar issue and Gamehag recommended me to contact the contracter. '" Same to me but the Rise of kingdoms task has no contact button...

    13 april 2019 13:17 1628

    finish this task 100% and wait to earn
    SG if its late u can talk screenshot and tell him

    14 april 2019 05:15 1628

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