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    Didn't get the sg for referal

    My 2 friends got over 1 k sg but I dint get any sg for them they are using my codes what to do?

    8 april 2019 13:53 1628

    Just be patient, not everything pointwise gets added right away, some can take a couple of days

    8 april 2019 18:37 1628

    The user who used your refferal must be an active user

    8 april 2019 19:25 1628

    @Bjobjokke am afraid you are wrong here; the only thing that the OP might not have gotten his 200 sgs for referring active referral that gained over 1k sgs is that these referrals might have gained these points via some body donating or sending them sgs via level 6 exp level, this happened to me before; Op pls ask misty she will tell you exactly why you werent rewarded. The referral system rewards and should reward instantly the only reason it doesnt is the scenario i explained this is from my experience.
    @Bjobjokke if you cannot help some body showing proper guidance pls donot give wrong information waiting does nothing in this particular case; this case is not regarding ordering a gift card and waiting for that said reward its a totally different issue hope you understand my criticism of your response to the said community member cheers!!

    9 april 2019 04:21 1628

    He is my friend and I didnt get any sended sg so wath could be wrong?

    9 april 2019 12:54 1628

    But can it be that gamehag is not gibing the sg for no reason? 2 my friends did't get any send sg but got sg for oppening the chest and selling bad prizes so I though that was possible reason for not getting sg, but my two other friends counld't do anything wrong. I was checking how they earn sg. If my acc is bad the only reason could be this "You can't write any comments or posts. The suspension persists until 26 march 2019 15:14". But this can't be the reason too. This was suspension for spaming. The other thing was when I dint't get any sg for sharing post on facebook post with their hastag.

    So gamehag administration if you read this tell me whats wrong. I start to feel that I am scamed with sg and I am thingking of leaving this site.

    9 april 2019 13:11 1628

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