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    Completing Contracts don't gain exp

    In the past I was able to gain exp through contracts but all a sudden it stopped. Apparently according to misty contracts don't give exp anymore. Only in forums or playing games then you will gain exp. Just a heads up!:)

    8 april 2019 11:18 1628

    Which game does it apply? The minigames or the games that give SG like War Thunder etc?

    8 april 2019 17:51 1628

    It should be the games like Game of Thrones and War of Thunder as minigames only give sg not exp

    8 april 2019 17:53 1628

    Sadly my laptop is most likely not strong enough to play them... but hey, thanks for the reply and useful info!

    8 april 2019 18:01 1628

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